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improved Tegetthoff Class (Ersatz Monarch)

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Improved Tegetthoff Class Battleship
or Ersatz Monarch class

On 2 March 1911 the mutual financial delegations of Austria-Hungary approved a big naval budget allowing the construction of the four dreadnoughts of the TEGETTHOFF-class, 3 scout cruisers and 6 modern turbine destroyers. Very soon after this approval first ideas for the next class of battleships came up.
Since long the Austrian Naval League (Österreichischer Flottenverein) had advertised that the Monarch class must be replaced. Therefore this next class of battleships often is called the Ersatz Monarch Klasse, "replacement Monarch class"

This something special about the kuk Navy, while other nations did not use names for their projected ships but letters or numbers (like the more famous German H-Class being BB H, I, J, K ; in game as FDG or Russian Project 30 in game as Ognevoy-class destroyer),  Austria-Hungary used the names from the ship class that is going to be replaced as first design/project name (see also Ersatz-Triglav Class as name for the Tatra class destroyer)

Austro-Hungarian naval authorities ordered on 3 June 1911 the preparatory designs to the following alternative particulars:
-23.000 t metric, 10 x 30,5 cm cal 45, 18 x 15 cm, 24 x 7,5 cm
-24.600 t metric, 10 x 34,5 cm cal 45, 18 x 15 cm, 24 x 7,5 cm

The displacement limit was caused by the need to fit the future ship (with half consumption supplies and full ammunition load) into the floating drydock No 1, which had a lifting power of 23.800 metric tons. It was believed, nevertheless, that such a design could match contemporary opponents by cutting down the cruising radius, e.g. saving fuel weight, regarding the geo-strategic situation of the Adriatic Sea. The most remarkable fact was the desire for an alternative design for both Diesel and turbine propulsion. But soon Diesel was rejected against conventional mixed coal/oil burning boilers.

Caused by the strict weight limit the designers had to save every ton possible and therefore reduced the secondary artillery, omitted the aft conning tower and the mainmast and designed the heavy guns in triple turrets superimposed over the twins to better follow the curve of the hull. As this obviously inflicted stability the ammunition load was reduced and in July exactly the same ship was presented with superimposed twins.
Apparently the Austro-Hungarian naval architects felt that such a stripped down design would not be well balanced and presented two enlarged alternative designs in January 1914, showing that more displacement was necessary to make up a well balanced dreadnought with the benefit of a speed increase of two knots.
-29.600 t/23 kts, 12 x 35 cm, 18 x 15 cm
-32.000 ts/23 kts, 13 x 35 cm, 18 x 15 cm

But the tonnage limit was kept upright so in July 1914 the last design variant was presented (in total there were 24 different designs ranging from 22.000 to 32.000 tons). For weight reasons the number of secondary guns was reduced to 14 x 15 cm. This is the last existing design variant tho which the "improved Tegetthoffs" obviously would have been constructed.


The first ship laid down at 1. 7. 1914 but all constructions were stopped after beginning of WWI:

24,500 tons (normal)

Length: 175m
Beam: 28.5m
Draught: 15.5m

4 shaft steam turbines with 31,000 hp
15 Yarrow WT Boilers (9 coal + 6 oil)

Speed: 21 knots

Range: 5,000 NM / 10 knots

Fuel: 1,425t coal + 1,035t oil

Main Armament:
10 x 350mm (13.8”) L/45 (2 x 3, 2 x 2)


Secondary Armament:

14 x 150mm (5.9”) L/50 (14 x 1)

6 x 90mm (3.5”) L/45 QF (8 x 1)
10 x 90mm (3.5”) L/45 AA (12 x 1)
2 x 47mm (1.85”) L/44 QF (2 x 1)
2 x 8mm (0.32”) Machine Guns (2 x 1)
2 x 40mm (1.57”) L/18 boat guns (2 x 1)

6 x 53cm (21”) Torpedo Tubes  (1 bow, 1 stern, 4 beam)

Belt = 310-200mm
Decks = 72mm
Conning Tower = 320mm
















The 35 cm Marinekanone L/45 M. 16
(13.8in 45 caliber, naval gun model 16)

The 'Waffenfabrik der Skodawerke AG' received the contract for the first batch of guns for the 'improved TEGETTHOFFs' 24 July 1914: 10 guns plus one spare barrel for the first unit. 22 November 1914 a 35 cm trials barrel was tested at the Skoda gunnery proving ground at Bolewetz. On 28 May 1915 Skoda reported that gun No 1 plus cradle is ready for delivery. On 9 March 1916 gun No 2 was tested at the Skoda gunnery ground at Bolewetz. In April 1916 gun No 1 was tested at the Hungarian gunnery proving ground at Hajmaskér and achieved a range of 35 kms. The same month the gun is going to the Italian front to form a mixed battery together with a 38 cm cal 15 howitzer.

A total of 122 shots was fired at ranges of 25 kms until the aiming error became so significant that the gun had to be returned to Skoda for refurbishing.

No 2 had been sent to the Bulgarian front. It's goal was to destroy Romanian fortifications on the Danube when Marshal Mackensen's Army crossed that river attempting to encircle the retreating and defeated Romanian army near Bucharest.
Later it was sent to the Italian front and installed end of August 1917 at Santa Croce near Opcina/Opicina above the city of Trieste.

The final fate of these guns is not really clear. It is said that gun No 2 returned from the Italian front to Skoda while No 3 was sent from Plzen via the Vienna Artillery Arsenal to the front. According to one source it reached the front and was in action up to the Austrian collapse end of October 1918 when it was captured by the Italians. According to another source it was left in Yugoslavia just behind the new Italo-Yugoslav frontier. According to a third source the gun left in Yugoslavia was not No 3 but No 4 which had been delivered to the Vienna Artillery Arsenal just before end of World War I.

Therefore the fate of the guns is unclear. The Italians captured one as did the French (probably No. 4, which had been delivered shortly before the end of the war) and one fall to the Serbs. The former two scrapped theirs, but the Serbs had one during the interwar period.

During WWII the German tried to find the 2 remaining guns but they were lost without a trace.




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Ah, that would have been a very pretty ship class. Where is that ship model from? The Vienna military museum? Also, thanks for putting up Austrian-Hungarian ship topics, the K.u.K. Navy is so sadly underrepresented and unknown to most people, it makes me happy to see these threads even exist :)


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There is a couple of Battleship, Battlecruiser and a few cruiser designs the Austro-Hungarian Navy had before their dissolution in 1918/19, but posting them again and again is a bit tiring. Previous incarnation of the forum had them.

The capital ship designs can be found here:



Which only means the cruiser designs left out.

There is no mention on any aircraft carrier proposal for the navy, though this does not mean the idea wasn't risen.

Edited by Tzoli

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If you don't tell me where you found this picture, or at least add more, I'll CAPS-LOCK YOU TO DEATH.


Also, I vote for an Austro-Hungarian sub-branch in the german battleship tech tree (I think that's the most reasonable way to do it, since Austria-Hungary didn't last long enough to even draw Tier X-worthy ships) with the proper austro-hungarian navy flag.


And that they change the german flag in WWI ships making the red parts white. I get why they don't put the historically-accurate imperial flag, or the swastika, but at least they could make a white flag for WWI ships:



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dig this one out to add some nice pictures of the different design from @Tzoli




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thx, missed that one somehow (there are so many awesome drawings in your gallery it is easy to get lost)

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