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AALG's Fifthteenth WoWS video -Testing the Arizona in Ranked Battles

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Being a Supertester for WoWS occasionally gives you the possibility to test new ships on the live servers.

A legendary ship, one of the first US casualties during that nations participation in WWII,  the USS Arizona battleship is currently being tested on the live servers, and it has become one of my "Go to" ships, when I want a ship with durability.


I even took it out in Ranked battles, and as this battle shows, it was a wise choice. The battle went badly, all the way to the last 4-5 minutes, with the team far behind in point, even though the team fought valiantly and smart.


Yet still we managed to turn it around in the last 5 minutes, to make it a win.


Will the Arizona be a ship in my port, upon release ? You bet, definitely buying this premium ship.


Result of the battle :

4 ships sunk

116917 damage dealt, 

565609 credits earned 

9510 XP earned

First Blood achievement

Dreadnought achievement

High Caliber achievement

Confederate achievement

And a nice warm feeling in the belly after a great fun battle, which could have gone both ways.



(note to staff : Publishing permission from Vadim in Minsk : You can post this video after July 1st 0700 MSK)


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"Publishing permission from Vadim in Minsk"


So thats the guy that approves glimpses on new ships, and with that logic, the one that keeps the secrecy of ships being tested...
Vadim, we want to see other ships in action!!! Some glimpses of the early testing of the ships would be nice (German bb line, tone, red crimea etc...)


On the meantime, swear that I will hunt any vadim i find on wows o7

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