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Tre Kronor(1947–1984)

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Sweden decided that they had need to mordenise their navy at the 1940 couse of the outbrake of ww2, but for politikal reasons and redisignes most of the ships got delayed.

Tre Kronor was cruiser designed by CRDA built by götaverken and Erikbergs shipyards(they also made the design modifications) during ww2, but wasent in commision before 1947 so it just missed ww2.

Posted Image


7400 LongTons (Standard load)

9200 Longtons (full load)



2 shaft geared turbines, 4× 4-drum boilers whit an effekt of 75 Mw, gives it a speed of 61km/h.



Belt: 70 mm

Deck: 30 mm

Turrets: 50–127 mm

Conning tower: 20–25 mm



7 x 152 mm Cannon M/42

20 x 40 mm/56cal Bofors LvAkan M/36

9 x 20 mm/66cal Bofors Apjäs M/40

6 x 530 mm torpedotubes M/44

120 mines




I decided to put this ship up as a ww2 vessel couse it was designed and built during ww2.

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So she went at c.33 Knots. What was her gun layout? It's hard to tell from the Picture.

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According to Wikipedia: 1x triple turret in the front, 2x dual turrets in the back.

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