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Color/faction battles.

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Here an idea for an alternative way of battling.


The idea is basically to divide the community in to "color" factions.


For example:


Red faction

Green faction

Blue faction

Yellow faction

Purple faction

Pink faction

Black faction

Up to a certain ammount of colors.


Or it could also be limited to just red vs blue. Though multiple could be interesting too.


The idea is then further that people must choose a "faction" that they wish to belong to and they can freely do so.


This would then divide the community into these factions. Each faction could be roughly 1000 players big or something like that. No limit is placed on it.


The batteling/match setup would then commence as follows:


The match maker picks two colors which will battle against each other.


Of each color, online players are selected as usual.


Now comes the kicker:


The survives stay together if they choose to fight again under that same faction color for as far as it's possible concerning match maker limitations/requirements.


Thus the somewhat higher or lucky players stay together and could meet in a next battle. If not they might meet again in another faction battle.


Some ideas/thoughts behind this idea are as follows:


1. This might give players a chance to get to know each other a bit more and learn each other's play style a bit more and might benefit more from tips from each other.


2. There could be ranks within the faction.


3. It could even be worked out into a "global" conquer/map kind of thing.


What currently feels a bit weird about this game is the following:


One match player X is on my side, the next match player X is on the opposite side.


This kinda fragments the feel of this game. I experience this in other games... this is kinda bad for "team building/feeling".


However I also like the random battles so it should definetly stay, though there should also be an alternative where players start to see each other more as arch enemies maybe... or friendlies.... I think the game might evolve that way into a somewhat more fun game.


Right now most of the people I play with I simply don't know, and will never know... that are some names that I recgonize... but most... nope...  ofcourse there are some CV players which I now know about :):):)


It's kinda fun to have "enemies which you know".


So that's basically what this idea is about. More division of "community/player base", let's random.


So if this idea is implemented it would list: "Faction Battle" as an alternative to "Random Battle".


(I also see this as perhaps a better version of team battle, currently I feel team battle implementation is a failure ;))




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Ok, but why...? I mean, what is the point? We will see the Millennium Falcon in the game before we see anything close to what you are suggesting.

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Don't we have this already?

Half the players belong to the green team and the other half to the Red team.


I belong to the green team, i think it's better. #greenteamftw



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Why does everyone call it the green team but I see it as blue. Or turquoise.


Same here, I see it light blue. They must be all using some mod that it's so popular that we need to get, I use vanilla cuz i can't be asked changing with every patch.


The idea of the OP is not bad. It is some sort of light version of clans. Join who you want when you want. Am I right? That way you can avoid people you don't like as teamates and stick with people you do?


However there are drawbacks to this


If there are stats abour each color, then most players will eventually join the color with the best stats and stay there. Also if there is a list of online players or even A list of players that have chosen a certain color, then most people will go side with the color they believe has the best or most popular members. Having no limit on the faction members, you would eventually have everyone joining the same or one of two colors, thus making the others obsolete.


So, for your idea to work, they should maybe implement a reward, for the amount of battles you stick with a certain faction, and limit the times you can swap, even pay doubloons in order to?


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This does seem like a good idea on the surface but then you look at the number of players online and realize you might not have enough for it to work out quite right. In all honesty I would rather have more game modes instead because "capture either 1, 2 or 3 circles and kill everything that moves" can get quite stale.

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