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More Ribbons = Better Misisons?

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Whenever a new mission comes up a lot of people are complaining about this or that. At first it was "Kill 30 DDs" and right now people are not really satisfied with the current ARP Missions which tells you to kill 100 ships. This idea is basically okay but we must change something here. I understand these people. They say basically that we have a major issue right now. And they have a point there. Many BB captains might know this scenario: You are playing and shooting a complete salvo at a cruiser which shows his broadside to you. This cruiser had ~95% HP left and after your salvo a HP value around 8% now. You have to wait for the next 30 seconds and you want to kill it because you need it for your mission but your teammate sees it too and he also wants to kill the enemy because he only needs one salvo. So he shoots one HE salvo at the enemy which takes away 3% and he gets destroyed because of the fire from him. (Numbers are random). Also the "Unleash the Kraken" achievement means literally nothing with the current system. Just steal everything and get it... #EasyAchievementEasyFlags


"Kill stealling" must be a well known term for this scenario. I assume that a lot of people do this. This is my opinion, it must not be correct. Also: i admit... I do this too.


I mean: Who can blame me? I just do the stuff for my mission which tells me: Kill 100 people. I want to finish it as soon as possible. It's selfish and i know that i'm a [edited]... The funny thing about it: I complain about other people doing this. The irony dayum... :fishpalm:


The mission leads to a gameplay where you forget your priorities because you have to play that way to achive your goal earlier and it somehow doesn't help us to play more in a team.


We could change the missions but this wouldn't result in less toxcity and we could create a better system to encourage people to play in a team. That means we must change something and one of the things that comes into my mind is the Ribbon Award system. They are already a good system but they can be better and if improved also used for better future misisons.

For example like this: :look:


1. Ribbon:

  • Kill Assist [counts as a kill for kill missions when you have XX ribbons gathered]
  • Get rewarded to the ship which did at least 33% dmg and helped others to kill a ship


BB captians that inflicts a lot of citadels would be very happy about this. But not only these guys. Think about a DD captian that hitted a BB with 5 torps and the BB is literally dead through flooding. He inflicted 95% of dmg. and a BB makes one blow and get the kill. This would at least help you with the mission and you wouldn't rage about it because you still get the kill award, because he was literally dead.



2. Ribbon:  

  • Plane Kill Assist [a little bit of XP]
  • You helped your teammate with your AA.


[inspiration for both: BF4]


And so on. I don't really have more ribbons in my mind but maybe other people got some ideas how we could improve the ribbon system.


I would like to discuss this with you guys. Do you like the current mission/ribbon system? If yes what do you like? If not what do you not like? Any ideas for improvements? You can also destroy my Ribbons if y like. I just want to discuss this topic a little bit.



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Hello and good morning.


The "kill-steal" issue has been discussed many times in the forum. I think it mainly has to do with the psychological factor of every gamer.
Everyone wants to have the satisfaction of "sinking" the enemy and see that red ribbon pop up. I understand that and i also like it.
However, my personal opinion is that kills don't really matter in normal play because the xp gain is based on the damage you do. The profit from a kill is very little in comparison.


Also, when you are in a battle, the enemy ships must be destroyed as quickly as possible because even with 1hp, an enemy ship can still dish out dmg or cap.
The only time a kill matters (and people start complaining about steal-killing) is when there are missions that involve X amount of kills.
I don't think kill-missions are that bad because usually the number is low and after a few days everyone has finished with them.

Aside from all that, i think a "kill-assist ribbon" will be a nice addition to the game, mainly because it will give the players a sense of "achieving" something even if they didn't get the kill in the end.

The criteria for such a ribbon should be a bit high though. You must have inflicted at least 50% of the damage (ideally at least 75%) and should only be awarded if the enemy ship sinks by another player.



p.s. A "plane kill-assist" is not that important really and it would probably be a bit complex to be implemented.


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Everyone wants to have the satisfaction of "sinking" the enemy and see that red ribbon pop up. I understand that and i also like it.

Red ribbon is addictive, the ribbon, the sound, this is why most of the people play the game ... this is the point why ppl try to sink anything which looks suitable (half dead ships) - no matter who did most damage.

I think there is some justice in it - everybody sometimes steal, sometimes lost his kill....competition inside the competition so to say. No solution for this needed, except assist ribbon with some xp reward - this I would recommend.

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Kill stealing is nothing new, but when you have 15-30 sec reload in a game, every shot counts. Its frustrating as hell when you need a kill (or a few of them) and somebody just snipes "your" target. That itself forces people to wait and try to get the last hit, and it creates a situation where DPM goes down and clusterF begins.


I remember the kill 30 DDs mission. That was frustrating as hell, as a CA player we need 2-3 good salvos to kill a DD (or get a lucky detonation), the amount of times i hit a dd, took 80% of his hp, waiting for reload and someone snipes him.... even worse, my shells form second salvo are in the air and a second before they hit someone kills the target. Even worse, my salvo would hit....for godssake, last few DD of that 30 were the worse. So i went the sniping way, stole a few kills and completed the mission. I did it to save my own sanity, and my hardware before i punch something.


But yes, the issue remains. As long a we have kill X amount of ships, people will try to do it the easiest way possible, meaning trying to get the last hit. Human nature at work. I would settle with kill X amount of ships or assist (assist being 30-50% of ships hp) in killing the X amount of ships. Or make 50 kills OR 100 assists as a mission (2 assists count as 1 kill).

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