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Spotting mechanic change - possible fix for current issues?

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Without wanting to get into specific issues or debates, I have been thinking about a change to how spotting works which may solve quite a few of the current problems we see, especially at higher tiers.  Many of us would love to see "screening" mechanics implemented and many more are crying out for more interaction between the various classes.


What if each ship class had a "broadcast range" over which it could inform nearby ships of spotted enemies?  No change to the spotting mechanics, just the passing of targeting information between ships.  I believe WoT had/has a similar system.


As an example (just an example, numbers can be changed), a DD could have a range of 8km.  This would mean that for other ships to target an enemy spotted by that DD they would need to be within 8km of it.  Remember, this is about broadcast range, not spotting distance or reception range.


Pretty standard stuff so far but what I thought would make this interesting and very thematic is the role Cruisers could play.  They could act as relays, passing on information they have received to team-mates within their broadcast range.


To explain:






Example 1:



Here the DD can see the enemy but the BB cannot.


Example 2:



The DD sees an enemy and the CA relays the targeting info to the BB.  Now all 3 ships can see and engage the enemy.  At first the enemy might not even see the CA, or even the BB allowing the allies to support with firepower (potentially becoming visible to multiple other enemies) or maintain their stealth.  Might seem unfair to the poor old enemy but much worse can happen with the current system!



I'm sure the idea could do with a lot of tweaking but I think in principle it could really improve gameplay.  If nothing else it would be a lot more interesting than the proposed radar consumable.  Even modern navies have trouble maintaining an accurate picture and still use systems with similar principles as described here.

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