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[Suggestion] ARP-esque missions without the anime-flavour.


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  1. 1. Would you (actively) participate in a set of missions which would grant an otherwise unresearchable ship?

    • Yes, I would actively pursue the reward ship.
    • Yes, I would passively pursue the reward ship.
    • No.
    • I don't know, it depend on the ship.
    • No, I'm not interested.
  2. 2. The reward ship, which benefits should it carry?

    • All the benefits of a premium ship (no captaincy penalty, increased XP- & credit revenue, elite status)
    • No captaincy penalty and increased XP- & credit revenue.
    • No captaincy penalty and elite status.
    • Increased XP- & credit revenue and elite status.
    • Increased XP- & credit revenue.
    • No captaincy penalty.
    • Elite Status.
    • No benefits, should behave the same as an elited techtree ship.
  3. 3. Should the reward ship be able to be sold? for credits?

    • Yes, at the regular price a ship of that tier will go for.
    • Yes, but at a reduced price a ship of that tier will go for (50%ish penalty).
    • Yes, but without a price, you can keep the port slot, but won't get any credits for it.
    • No, once you've obtained it, it will remain indefinitly in your port.

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With the introduction of the new ARP-missions, I started wondering something. Would there be interest for a comparable event in WoWS, but without the anime-flavour to it. That means that the concept will be the same of the ARP-missions, but the reward ship would not be a fantasy ship, but a regular techtree ship which is accessible via every port, and is part of a regular nation present in WoWS. This to appeal to the players who are not a fan of anime in general, or Arpeggio in particular (yes, there are people who aren't into that genre), and also give them an incentive to play the game for a final reward that appeals to them (instead for having to settle for the sub-mission rewards).


The reward ship could be something like a variant of an already ingame ship, or a unique ship that is not planned to be a Premium. Preferably in the "mid tier" bracket (Tiers 4, 5 & 6), so it's actually useful to the players who play high-tiers exclusively, and not that high it would hamper high-tier gameplay by influxing vast quantities of inexperienced players.


Missions could be a hybrid from the ARP- & Project R missions. So large undertakings which require player activity for a considerable time, but also with ample time to compete the challenge at a comfortable pace (not like Project R, for which you had to be active from week 1 in order to fully complete it before the deadline hit).


Looking forward to your input here.

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