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15 point IJN DD captain - some advice please

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NB: I've also asked this on the /WorldofWarships subreddit, but interested to see what people here think as well:


My main IJN DD captain has just hit level 15. He's currently in Kagero*, will eventually be in Shimakaze** and I'm reviewing his skill build. ATM he has Situational Awareness and Last Stand (which strike me as essential skills for any DD driver) and I'm going to play with Torpedo Acceleration on the Type 93s (72knots, 16km.../drool) for a bit. Adding Advanced Firing Training and a plotting room takes the gun range out to around 13km and gives me a stealth fire limit of roughly 10km.

I have 5 points left to spend and a few choices.

Option 1: Concealment Expert. Never had the points to play with this, but looking at the maths I think it'd only gain me about 700m more concealment? So 5.3km detection range and around 9.3 km when firing. Would pretty much guarantee first look/first shot against even other destroyers.

Option 2: Superintendent/Expert Marksman. Extra smoke and speed boost, plus enough traverse on the guns that the turrets could actually hold a target while in a hard turn (9.5 degrees per second against 7).

Option 3a: Expert Marksman, Basic Firing Training, Torpedo Expertise. 1:48 torp reload rather than 2:00, gun tracking as option 2 and an extra .67 rounds per minute through each gun. Downside is only two charges of smoke/engine boost.

Option 3b: As above, but replacing Torpedo Acceleration with Superintendent. 67 knots is still plenty fast, after all...

Option 4: Something else?

All thoughts welcome.





*: ​Not like that.

**: Or like that.  Minds out of the gutter...




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I personally would still go for concealment. But, your immediate opponents are other Shimmy captains with which there are numerous at the moment. With active radar incoming (this may affect the amount of DD's there are at the high tiers) so with that in mind, ditch concealment and add AFT to stealth fire but that really goes away from what the Shimmy is all about, stealth. Has to be about your personal preferences and how YOU play your DD's, a tough call but others no doubt with better experience can shed some more thoughts.

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