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Improvement of release a teammate of my team

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some days ago i had one issue with releasing a teammate from my team.

We were 5 Players and needed to kick one out of our team so we tried it with a vote.

The problem:

5 Answers on the vote needed but the player who was asked to leave the team cannot vote.

Thats why we have only 4 players to vote and needed 5. It was not possible to release him from my team.

I think this is a bug, please fix it.

Second idea, please make it possible that the team leader is able to kick single player w/o votes.

It is possible to invite but not to release players.


2 different cases:

First case with 4 Teammates online: we tried to kick one offline player out and needed 4 votes (4 online)

Second case with 4 mates online: we tried to kick one online player out and needed 4 votes

BUT: they online player which we wanted to kick out cannot vote on his own release so it is never possible to kick an online player out of the team.

Is this a correct way or is it wrong designed?


For me an improvement is very useful.



Team Player release_Player offline.jpg

Team Player release_Player online.jpg

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