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Two small feature suggestions that might help a lot

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Dear WarGaming...


Please can I have the following two changes in the next patch? :honoring:


1. A semi-transparent mini-map. I am currently running Aslain's mods. I'm only using two in-game mods. One is the semi-transparent mini-map. I have the map expanded almost full size for clarity. Sometimes, when leading fast targets like DDs, the target disappears behind the map! The semi-transparent map has solved this problem. It seems like a very simple, yet effective option. Having tested it with a mod, I highly recommend it!


2. Listing a players ship type in brackets next to their name in the game chat window. This is the other in-game mod I'm running. I find it really helps to figure out who is talking, where they are and what they're doing without having to hit tab and check the teams list, or to scan around the game looking for that player's name. If a BB shouts for help, and his ship type is listed beside his name, I can glance at the mini-map and quickly guess which BB is in trouble. It also helps in talking tactics during the game. In fact, it helps in many, many ways. I can't see why it isn't included as part of the game, itself! So, can we have that in the next patch, too?


Two little changes that would noticeably improve the way things work. I know I've already got the benefit of them with mods, but I think they would improve the game for everyone, especially the chat mod.


2.a. There is also a mod in Aslain's pack to list ship types on the mini-map. I tried this mod, but it also showed things like detection ranges and lines of sight and this made the map too cluttered. But an option to show the ship type next to the icon would also be very good - I suspect it would only work when the mini-map was expanded. If contracted to it's smallest size, I suspect the map would be too cluttered. Perhaps this function could be bound to a key so that it could be turned on and off in-game? That way, if there were a lot of ships in one place, or close to islands, and the player couldn't clearly see them on the mini-map because of the names, he could temporarily deactivate them for a clearer view.




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I think they will eventually implement features like that. After all WG has implemented many features in their other games, that started off as some mod one day.

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