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Looking for an English speaking Clan.

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Hi, I'm looking for a clan/group of people to play with(playing alone is horrible)

I'm from Poland but I speak English very well. At least that's what people say.
I am more casual player now. I recently came back to WoWs after taking a break due to playing alone in this game is a pain.
Unlike Wot(I played it from CBT stopped playing it from lack of people/progressively worse fps after each patch)

I'm looking for relaxed atmosphere within a clan and where you can talk about everything.
I primarily play BBs but I play other ship types as well, except CVs.
My ship list is limited because as of now I don't plan on spending real money on WoWs, especially with how they handle selling certain premium ships in bundles.

So if anybody is interested I guess you know what to do.

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We are currently looking for more captains to come and die with us having fun in those salty waters or maybe win cause why not!:trollface:

We are an international,multigaming community/clan with our own TS and our own site!Feel free to check us out at taw.net for more info or if you have any question feel free to contact me and ask anything you like!


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Hello!!! Our clan is all about everything ,

pretty chill people, no Jerks and we are all from all around Europe but everybody speaks very good English

we do have people from the UK that at least said that xD

our average age is around 18!



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