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Team Batlle :( can better

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Team battles can be made much better.

Option to greater Reserve Leaders.
Imagine if I fall dead at my computer, OR sick after the hospital.
Then my team can no longer continue. Not nice for the team of friends.
Here Wargaming has not thought about after.
I find Clan system 10000x better.

team Batlles
Main Leader (founder team name)
Make an option for 3 Reserve second Leaders

Option can do a second Leader to Leader absent Head (founder team name).

Add Team / remove a team member.
Start batlle.

Second Leader can not.
Remove team group. This can only Head Leader (founder team name)

Dear Wargaming it seems to me not so difficult to build this?
What you now have to team if I'm sick or game times or dead fall.
Then team members can nothing, and no value for your team so.

Another team battle
is annoyance for anyone waiting times of start in team combat.
Is common and often for 30 minutes with all the waiting. Because wg system
puts us in the waiting room.
Eg by another team screenshot.
3x Regroupt the 3x you get into batlle on your ship.
Many straw ring here and leave team battles.
Understandable to wait and wait there for random play even faster than in team fights. Solve this problem once on.




Finally, I miss all the team names, statistics.
nowhere to be seen or found.

Conclusion wg, Quickly CLan in war or ships ready, I think WOT & WOWP.
Clan system more clearly, then that team batlle whole. you can not do anything with it.
long wait times.
No statistics team names.
No 24x24 hours 365 days without a leader on-line should be.

No it is CLan batlle system still quite better.

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