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Are you by any chance using the Yokosuka port? Because if yes everything is working as intended.

The Yokosuka port was introduced as Arpeggio port and as long as you use that port and no mod to remove the Arpeggio camouflage you will see the ARP Kongou and Myoukou with their fancy camouflages.

If you don't want to see them switch to another port and you won't see them any longer.

If you don't use the Yokosuke port and still see the ARP camouflages write a ticket to the support at eu.wargaming.net/support.


You are by the way not the first person who doesn't want to see the Arpeggio camouflage and using the search function of the forum would have shown you that and how you can remove them without opening a new topic for it.

As for your 1st problem did you check your grafic settings to make sure the automatic game optimization didn't jump in after downloading the 0.5.3 version and changed to lower settings to improve the performance?

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