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Looking for a casual clan [ENG/NL Player]

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Hello fellow captains!


I'm looking for a friendly, international clan to join for World of Warships. I play this game with a few friends already except due to the fact that I often have a premium account and they don't play as much I'm a bit out-tiered compared to them. 


About me:


I was born: 28-09-1986 


Live in The Netherlands; speak both Dutch and English fluently

Availability (for Team Battles): Weekdays after 20:00 I can be online if need be - Weekends no regular schedule; sometimes I'm on all weekend other times not at all (that thing we call real life has priority :teethhappy:)


For any further questions please let me know. For me the most important thing is that the people within the clan do try and take the game serious when playing...but I guess that's a given. Hope to hear from some of you Commanders soon!



EDITED: Please close the topic

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Hi there. 5D is an international clan with players from various EU countries. I live in Belgium so we're neighbors.:B

Come over to our TS and I'll show you around and we can have a chat.






Commander - 5D WoWS Clan

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Shellshockers is in a recruitment drive looking for new sailors to take vessels into the midst of battle and show the world that we are the most fun clan in the world.

Just pop into our Teamspeak to say hello and get to know us and we will guide you through the application if you want to apply.


Clan page:-  http://www.ShellShockers.uk/home


Teamspeak:-  ts3.shellshockers.uk


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Company Gamers


We are a multigame community that enjoys a laugh while playing games together. Our main focus is to enjoy our games and make some new friends. 

The core values of the community is to give everyone a fun gaming experience with some friendly competition.

We have daily division games and do countdowns in order to try end up playing against eachother. We play World of Warships ,Warframe, Warthunder , and much more

What do we offer?


- 50 Slot Teamspeak server

- Full featured website .

- Meet some new friends.

- Mature friendly community , average age is arround 25 .

- Daily divisions and alot of activity

Plans for World of Warships :

- Daily division

- Daily Team battles 


Requirements to join us:

- Minimum age limit of 17 years old ( exceptions can be made )

- Prefferable to have a working microphone

- You must not have any affliation with a clan/community/group that supports the same games as us.

Other than that everyone is welcome in our community


Join us at www.companygamers.com or contact me ingame.

Greetings Laurens


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Wij hebben wat teams en spelen bijna elke dag. helaas moeten we soms een merc erbij nemen.

Samenspel en communicatie is erg belangrijk bij ons. Wij hebben Nederlanders, Duitsers, Belgen en Engelsmannen en niemand klaagt over het feit dat we voornamelijk Nederlandse orders geven.

Als je eens zin hebt mee te spelen in team, divisie of training ben je welkom.  final-force.nl   onze rating schommelt tussen de 4300 en 4200.





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