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New Update Crash "WorldofWarShips has stopped working"

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I just spent my entire afternoon downloading this yesterday, six and a half hours.

When I press Play on the launcher o get to the screen that says "Game Loading" . Afterwards I get the following error message, "WorldofWarShips has stopped working" Windows then forces me to close the program.


Please help.




I have discovered a ".KILLME" file in my game files.

I also have a few missing files.

Please tell me what to do if these happen.

I am also reinstalling the game.


Can someone please give something useful.


Thank you. 


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Tried to play the game today, Loaded the launcher and it began to download an update during installalation of the downloaded update it crashed and caused windows 10 to blue screen and reset.

I loaded the launcher again after the PC had reset and the launcher is stuck trying to update saying no connection to server.

I`ve just finished reinstalling the whole game again and it began patching fine just as it was about to complete the update ( where i think it was the first time ) it`s crashed again generating a Netios error in windows 10 and again blue screened  my PC.


At this moment in time the game is unplayable ive been having issues since the last patch but now it won`t even start..


Any chance my Premium subscription will be applied back to me since the last time i managed to log in as i think i`ve lost what time i had remaining now due to this.


My PC Specs

Windows 10 64 bit

Intel i7 5820k

Asus Rampage Extreme V

16 GB DDR 4

GTX 970

using on board sound



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Beta Tester
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A full reinstallation worked. I think it was the .KILLME. I recommend checking for such a file if your game crashes.


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