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April Fool for 2016 - Enforced BB/CA Truce.

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...well, more like "semi-truce". This is only a half-serious idea really, to provoke thought for an April's Fool event. I'm sure that you can think of much better ideas than me.:)


tl;dr  An April Fool event that puts a limit on BBs and CAs to stop them tormenting each other so that they can have fun doing the job that they were designed to do in real life.


I wasn't part of WoWS last year, but I saw videos of "Battleships in Space" event that happened round about April Fool time. It seemed to me that it was daft - but fun. (As was the Halloween event with Monster Ships.)


My suggestion is for a similar freaky event to bring the fun of Tier 5 style gameplay to all tiers - just as a bit of light relief. (Maybe something that could be put onto the Public Test server). I feel that it would be easy to set up because the game mechanics have all the info that they need already (Firing ship, target, range, damage etc).they just need to check the ship classes and range involved in any engagement and set damage to zero for naughty players..


Here is how it would work...The game plays exactly as now, except for a few simple restrictions:


1) Any class can engage enemy ships of the SAME CLASS at ANY RANGE that their weapons will fire.

i.e. BBs v BBs, CAs v CAs, DDs v DDs. 


2) You can only damage enemy ships of OTHER CLASSES providing the enemy ship is within 10k distance.

i.e. a CA hitting a BB at over 10k range will cause NO DAMAGE, and start NO FIRES. (and vice versa)


3) Any ship within 10k of your own ship is fair game to be attacked


4) CVs are wild-cards. They operate exactly as now, with no range restrictions.


5) All torpedos have a maximum range of 5k, or actual torpedo range (whichever is the smaller)


6) [Optional] maybe give some sort of a buff to DDs since they are going to be more actively hunted. Maybe 10k torpedo range?



These special event rules enable BBs and CAs to concentrate on their historical roles, with more open gameplay and some major annoyances removed.

1) BBs won't get HE spam from long-range cruiser/DD fire.

2) CAs won't get instantly deleted by the heavy guns of BBs (unless they get too close)


CAs would be able to go ahead of the BBs and support the DDs, but they would have to get closer to the enemy DDs as well to kill them - giving DDs the opportunity to retaliate.


Well, that a quick and dirty idea for an April Fool's event - what would you like to see?


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