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Looking for a clan [English speaking]

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IGN: skulking_ferrit

WR: 55.5%

Battles: 1486

Age: Over 25

Mic/TS/Vent: Yes

Timezone: UK


I’m looking for a decent clan, I’ve had very bad experiences with the MM over the past week including bots, shimas sailing round islands doing nothing and general potato level play.  I’m fairly competitive and feel that I can really only go so far with solo queueing in random battles and am often left very frustrated when my team goes full retard mode.


I’ve got an overall win rate of around 55-56% depending on how much I’ve upset the MM.  I prefer to play battleships and manage to get nearly 60% on all 3 of the tier 8s.  I have enough free XP to get to any tier 10 I’d like to play should I so wish.


I’m able to play most evenings apart from Thursdays as I still raid in Warcraft that night.


I’d be looking for a clan that would allow be to play with other decent players, Ideally I’d be wanting to target a WR of over 60% and regular unicum rates on warships.today


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Shellshockers is in a recruitment drive looking for new sailors to take vessels into the midst of battle and show the world that we are the most fun clan in the world.

Just pop into our Teamspeak to say hello and get to know us and we will guide you through the application if you want to apply.


Clan page:-  http://www.ShellShockers.uk/home


Teamspeak:-  ts3.shellshockers.uk


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Company Gamers


We are a multigame community that enjoys a laugh while playing games together. Our main focus is to enjoy our games and make some new friends. 

The core values of the community is to give everyone a fun gaming experience with some friendly competition.

We have daily division games and do countdowns in order to try end up playing against eachother. We play World of Warships ,Warframe, Warthunder , and much more

What do we offer?


- 50 Slot Teamspeak server

- Full featured website .

- Meet some new friends.

- Mature friendly community , average age is arround 25 .

- Daily divisions and alot of activity

Plans for World of Warships :

- Daily division

- Daily Team battles 


Requirements to join us:

- Minimum age limit of 17 years old ( exceptions can be made )

- Prefferable to have a working microphone

- You must not have any affliation with a clan/community/group that supports the same games as us.

Other than that everyone is welcome in our community


Join us at www.companygamers.com or contact me ingame.

Greetings Laurens


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