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Battle of Cartagena de Indias (1741)

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The Battle of Cartagena de Indias was an amphibious military engagement between the forces of Britain under Vice-Admiral Edward Vernon and those of Spain under Admiral Blas de Lezo. It took place at the city of Cartagena de Indias in March 1741, in present-day Colombia. The battle was the most significant of the War of Jenkins' Ear and one of the largest naval campaigns in British history. The war later was subsumed into the greater conflict of the War of the Austrian Succession. The battle resulted in a major defeat for the British Navy and Army. The battle marked a turning point in South American history, as Spain preserved her military supremacy in that continent until the nineteenth century.

The defeat caused heavy losses for the British: 50 ships lost, badly damaged or abandoned, and losses of 18,000 soldiers and sailors.


After the defeat, Admiral Vernon sent a letter to Blas de Lezo, which read "We have decided to retreat, but we will return to Cartagena after we take reinforcements in Jamaica", to which Blas de Lezo responded, "In order to come to Cartagena, the English King must build a better and larger fleet, because yours now is only suitable to transport coal from Ireland to London"


Great Bretain: 27,400- 30,000 military personnel:     

  • 12,000 regulars, marines and militia
  • 15,398 Royal Navy sailors

             29 ships of the line

             22 frigates

            135 transports and other craft


Spain 3,000- 4,000 military personnel:

  • 2,700 regulars and 400 marines
  • 600 sailors and 300 militia
  • 600 native archers

             6 ships of the line


Full Text: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Cartagena_de_Indias


This month Spain finally built a great monument for one of the greatest commanders and strategists in the history:





Honor and Respect


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6 Spanish ships of the line were involved so yeah technically it was a naval battle (as well). 

Interesting fact (at least for the British/Americans): "From the British perspective, the war was notable because it was the first time that a regiment of colonial American troops was raised and placed "on the Establishment" – made a part of the Regular British Army – and sent to fight outside North America." (Wikipedia)

One of them was Lawrence Washington, the older brother of George Washington (who was the first president of the US). 

It was the biggest naval operation/amphibious assault in the Americas and it´s nice to see that they finally give Blas de Lezo the credits he deserves. 


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