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New Orleans captain skills

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Hi guys would like advice on skills for the captain of NO. Should I go AA? (with the lack of CV`s feel`s like a waste) or focus on dmg reduction like repair skills  or  more offensive like Demolition expert ?




tnx :)

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Until there is a plethora of CVs around, I would recommend Gun Fire Control System Modification 1* over increased AA range. When they come back in same numbers, go AA since you will be avoiding enemy BBs at all cost any way. What I have now on my NO:


  • Main Battery Modification 1
  • Propulsion Modification 1
  • Gun Fire Control System Modification 1*
  • Steering Gears Modification 2
  • Concealment System Modification 1


As for the Captaincy, I would recommend:


Row 1:

  • Expert Loader (firing window on enemy DDs is very short on T8+ games, you wouldn't believe how useful this is when you spot one and have AP loaded)
  • Situation Awareness (coupled with CSM1 upgrade & camo)
  • Basic Firing Training (if going with AA build)*

Row 2:

  • Expert Marksman (any increase in turret rotation is welcome)
  • Incoming Fire Alert (only if you have enough points, I value turret rotation more)

Row 3:

  • Vigilance (ever encountered Shimakaze's torp spread???)
  • High Alert (ever encountered Shimakaze's torp spread??? - above)

Row 4

  • Advanced Firing Training (with crazy AA like this it would be a waste not to take it)
  • Demolition Expert (some say it doesn't increase the chance that much, go AFT instead IMHO)

Row 5

  • Concealment Expert (camo, CSM1 and this skill = ~9.5km spotting range)



Having said all that, my WR in NO is still below 50%. I did much better with my Pepsi. Hopefully those who do well in NO will share their suggestions.


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