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Game hangs on login since Windows 10 upgrade

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Anyone else experiencing this?:


Upgraded to Windows 10 64bit recently and cannot get WoWS to launch properly ever since then. I've checked all drivers, s/w up to date and I've tried uninstall/reinstall of the game but the results are always the same...


Get as far as login screen

Try to login - screen freezes

Cannot ALT TAB or CTRL ALT DEL out of it. At that point only resolution is a hard reboot on my PC


Really hoping someone else has hit this issue and can suggest a fix/workaround. I've logged a ticket with WG but sometimes the forum is quicker.. here's hoping:)



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I haven't had the same issue exactly. But I did have problems with other applications like Steam and Office not working correctly after using upgrade to Windows 10. 


Solution for me was to format the Pc and reinstall windows 10 as a clean install. Worked fine ever since ☺

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Make sure your game is closed (shouldn't be difficult by the sounds of it :hiding:)


Locate the preferences.xml file... delete it

Launch the game


Hopefully this will remove any hang ups in your preferences from before the update...


Good Luck...)

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