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Ranked Division Battles

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Game update is great !


The only thing I could wish for more is:


"Ranked division battles"


This would then allow "divisions" to participate in a special ladder, which is ment for divisions only.


This would then allow skilled players/friends to team up... and have fun at ranked too.


Apperently "ranked battles" is currently limited to random individuals only.


A bit painfull if you have some good teammates available with you, which you would like to play with too at a more competitive level ! ;)


I guess for now "random battles" and "higher tiers" challenges will do... but it a bit cheesy... to pitch tier 5 against tier IX... instead of just skilled divisions but ok...


Maybe this idea will be part of the game in the future... might be cool !


In that case I would recommend expanding divisions a bit member count wise...


Or maybe it can be a mode with multiple divisions on the same team just like now...




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you can try count down and press battle with your friend. Rankeds now are purely luck based. you can do avarage of 60k dmg on your new mexico, and loose cause you get 2 ppl who are 10k avarage


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Hello buddy. You're not the only one who patiently waits for any ranked mode for divisions / premade teams / clans. Any way to compete while not being alone. Until then, there's not much to do...

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