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The RAGE is real!

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So i had a ranked game, in said game i was playing a DD, and didn't go to cap, instead i went to scout the other cap, and ended up killing a DD, and tieing up 2 more ships that chased me all over the map without being able to shoot at my team. while they were off chaseing me.


Luck would have it that the rest of my team failed to do much dmg, and well such is life, we lost.

We did have a capslock commander in my team though that decided to give me a piece of his mind after.


innicially i was being sorta civil, explaining in my own way that i wasn't to blame and maybe he should be carefull how he talked to people, or he would have a rude awakening if anyone ever worked out who he was, or he at some point forgot he was in real life rather than online.


Then it sorta took off and i thought, well may as well have some fun, so trolled him and bit, untill i had to go do things in real life.


If you are offended by swearing, you should prob not click the link below





Masta Slacka

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So, the WoT kids found their way to open seas:bajan:

Playerbase was the best thing during closed phase. Better to just ignore these morons and say 'love you too' to them. Few days ago I had similar, albeit a lot milder situation. I was accused to be a bot. For a bot I'm pretty advanced:trollface:

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Hmm, seem to remind me of any online game with a chat system. Nothing to see here, move along :trollface:


Though it really is sad to see. :(

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