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How to report a bug!

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Should you encounter any bugs in the current version of World of Warships, please report them to our customer support team.


It is important that we will get appropriate data on the found issue to be able to address and forward it to the developers. Incomplete bug reports cannot be processed by us.


Here are the categories and data we will need from you:


Game Crash:

Crash related issues where the client is closed/crashed.

  • Reproduction steps


Gameplay/Game mechanic issues

Bugs related to animation, controls, game mechanic etc.


Update/Launcher issues

Bugs related to updating or installing the game

  • DxDiag
  • WoWSLauncher.log (in main WoWS directory)
  • Explanation of the issue


Graphic issues:

Texture bugs and other graphic related issues


Artefacts/Bugs on the Map:

Issues with the Map.

  • Screenshots of the error
  • WGCheck file
  • Explanation of the issue.



Spelling mistakes and other localisation related issues.

  • Screenshots of the error
  • Explanation of the issue / suggestion for correction


Lag and connection

Issues with high ping, lag and where the game does not run smoothly.



On the WGCheck file:

The WGCheck program will automatically create a DXDiag file that enables us to check your hardware specifications and perform a scan of your game client, checking for integrity, the presence of modifications and any errors. It will also automatically include the most important log files.


How to create a PingPlotter report:


Use as Address to Trace: login.worldofwarships.eu


Where to find the Crash dump file.

The crash dump is a debug file which records the actions of the program and help a developer to find a reason for a crash. It is a file with the ending .dmp . World of Warships create such files in case of a crash. Those files are stored in the CRASHES folder within the installation folder of World of Warships. 

For your client to create crash dump files, you need to replace the engine_config.xml in the /res folder file with this one. Please be aware that this can cause issues with your client, it is only recommended if you are experiencing severe game crashes. The resulting file can very large, if you send this to support, please use a file hosting service to upload it and add a link to the ticket.




Please create screenshots as JPG or PNG format. 


Important for reproduction steps:

Please provide the following information:

1.       Initial state – setup of your client etc.

2.       All the actions before the error occurred

3.       Description of error state – what exactly happen when the issue shows up.

4.       [Optional] possible reasons – if you think that an issue could be caused by something particular, please let us know your guess. It may help

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