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Suggestion: display the number and range of torpedoes

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Hello developers.

Thank you for your fantastic game.

I am writing to you to suggest you to add on the game screen informations relative to the torpedoes capabilities for a ship:

  • The number of turrets that launch torpedoes
  • The number of torpedoes by turret
  • The range of the torpedoes

I made you a little picture example:


As you can see from the above image, there are two new lines of additional informations for this destroyer (here the Derzki):

  • 5 x 2: means that the Derzki has 5 turrets each launching 2 torpedoes.
  • 3.0 km: the range of Derzki torpedoes.

Since in World Of Warship it is often necessary to change of ship, thoses new informations on the screen will be very useful for everyone, and I sincerely think that they will be very appreciated by all the players.

Hoping that my suggestion will catch your attention,




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Not only you can get these info easily from port, but also during battle if you hold ctrl button and mouse over the torpedo icon for a tooltip. 

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