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The Spanish Armada (Portugal) Continuing

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For the question, "why Is Portugal on the title?"

1580 Portuguese galleon "São Martinho" "San Martin in Spanish" 48 canons with 3 canon decks 
It was the capital ship of the Invincible Spanish Armada, led by the Spanish Medina Sedonia , commander of the fleet. Today is known as one of the biggest Spanish galleons on the Spanish history even being Portuguese.
It was the second largest ship in the fleet along with over 16 Portuguese ships like the Portuguese galleon de Florença with 52 canons and the famous San Mateo Galleon 34 guns, the San Juan 50 guns, the San Marcos 33 guns, San Felipe 40 guns, San Luis 38 guns, and 4 galleys with 50 guns each and other large Portuguese ships.

Here is the list of all the Portuguese ships, The Squad lead, center of the fleet.
-São Martinho:__( Flagship , the Duke of Medina Sidonia _______(48 guns)
-Galeon de Florencia or San Francisco (52 guns).
-São João (50 guns).
-São Felipe (40 guns).
-San Luis (38 guns).
-San Mateo (34 guns).
-São Marcos (33 guns).
-Santiago (24 guns).
-San Bernardo (21 guns).
-San Cristobel (20 guns).
-Julia (14 guns).
-Augusta (13 guns).
Mediterranean Portuguese Galleys
-War galley1 (50 guns)
-War galley2(50 guns)
-War galley3(50 guns)
-War galley4(50 guns)

The Portuguese squad is the earth of the Spanish Armada, the biggest galleons, the main target for the enemy.
The avarage for Spanish ships as 10 to 30 guns and some times more but in the most cases less, some times Spanish ships had only 1 gun.
There are reports that is frequently to see several British ships attacking a single galleon, like the galleon San Filipe alone against 16 british ships and the San Mateo alone against 10 british ships. The rate of fire of the armada was very good. The San Mateo surrender after the end of the ammunitions.
In the June 31, "San Juan" get hit 300 times and fire 140 shots.
In the August 2, San Martin get hit 50 times and fire 120 shots. 
In fact the British are in superior number and they damage the main ships of the armada focusing the fire on the big ones and the little ones are unable to help. 

The Portuguese galleons make the Spanish armada be called by "The Invincible Armada" until today.

This is the list of the Spanish Ships, the grate part of them, are Mediterranean trade ships, or Atlantic trade ships, all protected by the Portuguese war Galleons

Santa Ana (47 guns).
Santa Maria de la Rosa (47 guns).
Nuestra Senora del Rosario (46 guns).
La Trinidad Valencera (42 guns).
El Gran Grifon (38 guns:)
San Cristobal (36 guns).
La Rata Santa Maria Encoronada (35 guns).
La Juliana (32 guns).
San Juan Bautista (31 guns).
La Regazona (30 guns)
Santa Ana (30 Guns)
San Pedro Mayor (29 guns).
El Gran Grin (28 guns).
San Barolome (27 guns).
Castillo Negro (27 guns).
San Juan de Sicila (26 guns).
San Nicolas Prodaneli (26 guns).
Casa de Paz Grande (26 guns).
Barca de Danzig (26 guns).
San Esteban (26 guns).
Santiago (25 guns).
La Lavia (25 guns).
San Salvador (25 guns).
San Salvador (24 guns).
La Maria Juan (24 guns).
La Manuela (24 guns).
San Pedro (24 guns).
San Juan (24 guns).
Santiago el Mayor (24 guns).
San Felipe y Santiago (24 guns).
La Ascuncion (24 guns).
Nuestra Senora de Begona (24 guns).
La Trinidad (24 guns).
La Anunciada (24 guns).
Santa Catalina (24 guns).
San Juan Bautista (24 guns).
Nuestra Senora del Rosario (24 guns).
Duquesa Santa Ana (23 guns).
Santa Catalina (23 guns).
Barca de Amburg (23 guns).
La Trinidad de Scala (22 guns).
San Juan (21 guns).
San Francisco (21 guns).
San Buenaventura (21 guns).
Santa Marta (20 guns).
Santa Maria de Juncal (20 guns).
La Concepcion (20 guns).
Santiago (19 guns).
La Concepcion de Juan del Cano (18 guns).
Santa Cruz (18 guns).
El Sanson (18 guns).
San Pedro Menor (18 guns).
La Magdalena (18 guns).
Santa Maria de Vison (18 guns).
Santa Maria de Montemayor (18 guns).
Ciervo Volante (18 guns).
La Concepcion de Zubelzu (16 guns).
Falcon Blanco Mayor (16 guns).
Falcon Blanco Mediano (16 guns).
Doncella (16 guns).
San Juan de Gargarin (16 guns).
Casa de Paz Chica (15 guns).
San Andres (14 guns).
La Trinidad (13 guns).
San Antonio de Padua (12 guns).
Paloma Blanca (12 guns).
Santa Barbara (12 guns).
La Maria San Juan (12 guns).
Isabela (10 guns).
Santa Bárbara (10 guns).
San Bernabe (9 guns).
El Gato (9 guns).
Asuncion (9 guns).
Perro Marino (7 guns).
David (7 guns).
Maria de Aguirre (6 guns).
Patache de Miguel de Suso (6 guns).
San Estaban (6 guns).
La Ventura (4 guns).
San Gabriel (4 guns).
Esayas (4 guns).
Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe (1 gun).
La Madalena (1 gun).
Espiritu Santo (no guns).

Please follow this link and click forward trough a list of pictures that will direct you for paintings of ships of the Armada, history and links for online encyclopedias


The Capital ship of the Armada, the San Martin


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Thanks for the post, but let me disagree a little...These 2 lines  : " The Portuguese galleons make the Spanish armada be called by "The Invincible Armada" until today. This is the list of the Spanish Ships, the grate part of them, are Mediterranean trade ships, or Atlantic trade ships, all protected by the Portuguese war Galleons"   let us see the post intention, little bit biased story, trying to pretend that Portugal lead the Armada Invencible,like if  it was a separated political entity, and  wasnt under the Spanish Empire, when it was another kingdom absorved by the Spanish Empire. By the way, ships like San Francesco should not be included as portuguese ships, it was from Florencia and attached to the called Portuguese squad.

There werent a Portuguese squad AND a spanish squad, the formation was composed by 8 squads, adding a total of 130 ships:

-Escuadra portuguesa

-Escuadra castellana

-Escuadra de Vizcaya

-Escuadra de Guipúzcoa

-Escuadra andaluza

-Escuadra levantina o italiana

-Escuadra mediterránea

-Galeras napolitanas


Setting the title as (Portugal) is misleading, neither the battle happened there nor the main forces belonged to portugal, they just departured from Lisbon. Portugal, as any other crown under Spanish Empire, provided men and ships. Main battle ships belong to Portugal and Castilla squad, indeed.


By the way, those Galleys provided by Portugal, leaded by Diego Medrano were set as auxiliary,  they werent included in the main force 


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And ....in 1580 it was the English Navy and not the British Navy.  The Act of Union with Scotland didn't happen till 1707


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