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Please don't division your carrier with higher tiers

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So basicly, what the topic says: Please don't division your carrier with higher tiers


Reason for this is carrier MM that often places carriers as highest tiers of the game. So when you division with ships higher tier than you, you strip that beneficial MM and end up way too deep waters for your lower tier carrier. As an example, just had 2x tier 6 Clevelands with 1x Bogue in my team. It was tier 9 game. Bogue had fighter setup so, you can imagine how well those tier 5 biplanes did against tier 8 zeros of enemy Shokaku. Bogue ended up finishing game with 1 enemy fighter shot down and 76 exp, and dooming our team to defeat as enemy team had massive carrier superiority.


If you want to division with carriers, make the carrier highest tier in the division, with ships 1 tier lower than the carrier (tier X ofc don't count)




And as an additional offtopic advice to cruisers, if friendly carrier follows you around and asks for AA protection when enemy planes try to sink that carrier, please use your AA ability to make the torpedo spread go worse so that they wont be able to sink that carrier, it should benefit your team greatly in the long run.

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