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Some planes stats

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The gamemodels3d site finally datamined some planes stats for the CVx. Here are the IJN and top USN torps and bombs:


IJN ammo:


USN ammo:



So the bombs seem to have pretty nice penetration of 80+mm where Yamato's 460mm HE shells have 76.6mm penetration. Also the fire chance is 123% (IJN) and 156% (USN). That means that the chance to start fire against the same tier ship is very very high while getting lower against higher tier ships.


The torps are more interesting of course. IF I got the math right the arming distance is ~240m for IJN CV and ~270m for USN. In 0.4.1 (as on the photo) the IJN arming time is nerfed from 2.5 seconds (now) to 3 seconds so the arming distance will be increased to ~285m and that means it will be longer then the USN one. I would say that's tiny buff to DDs combined with the fact that hit in their middle section won't deal increased damage anymore and they won't be oneshoted from 1 torp.


Now to the planes - it seems the rear gunners buff is real. For example the Hakuryu top TBs and DBs have 16 dps with 60 ammo and in 0.4.1 it will be 22 dps with 180 ammo. Yes 22 is not really much, but the fighters themself have 87 dps now (HIA's jets).


Also unlike popular beliefs it seems there is turning radius for the planes. Now (0.4.0) for the Hakuryu TBs it's 120m for individual planes and 360m when they are in full formation. 0.4.1 brings changes there and the individual turning radius is nerfed from 120m to 125m, but the turning radius in formation is buffed from 360m to 250m, USN DB's formation even gets buffed from 450m (it was really big compared to IJN) to 172m. I didn't pay attention on the PT, but that's the stats and it looks the formations will be even more maneuverable then now if I interpret that correctly.


The other stats for all planes are on that site, I just wanted to share what I found today.


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I think the turning radius is virtually invisible to a lot of players unless you have the small objects rendering on.


It makes things a bit more interesting in the sky. And helps situational awareness, tbh.

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