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British Tech Tree?

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The Brits will be included in WoWs as soon as (just like history), the American players have all reached tier 8 and are willing to lend-lease Britain all the tier 2-3 ships they no longer want.



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Have you looked at Ectar's FAQ thread pinned in the General Discussion section?


 Q: Where is XYZ Nation? Are you planning to add other nations?

A: Currently we have American and Japanese tech trees.  Soviet and German Navy's are being developed side by side and the Royal Navy (British) will then follow. We also plan to include Italian and French navy's. It's important for players to understand that modelling a ship can take anything from 3 to 7 months and we can only work on so many nations/branches at once. 


Rest assured that if someone knew something about the British tree's release, it would be discussed. Since it isn't, it means we don't know anything about it yet, so it's useless to ask.


As for the tree's structure, there are discussions open in the General Discussion section about it; so it's useless to open a new discussion here.


For example, here: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/12426-royal-navy-tech-tree-proposal/page__p__220027


Bottom line: use search feature next time, please.

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