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New dose of answers to your questions from KGB is here. Enjoy!



1. Anti-Aircraft Artillery


1.1. Q: Can we take for granted that the AA firepower of a battleship will surpass that of a destroyer?

A: In most cases – yes, for ships of a same tier. Obviously, modern DD will have more AAA than older battleships in many cases.


1.2. Q: I know you've said that AA will be Automatic but will you still be able to shoot planes down manually with AP shells? And will you be able to set different options for your AA, like Passive for example where your AA Guns won't fire?

A: No. AA guns will be fully automatic.


1.3. Q: You've said before that AA will be automatic but will accuracy be affected by Weather and Crews Skill Level?

A: Only by skill level and modules of a current preset.



2. General


2.1. Q: Will there be gold ammo? ):

A: Cannot answer this question now.


2.2. Q: With a World of Tanks the max HP of a Tier one would be something like 115, in World of Warships would the HP of Tier 1 ships be Greater or Equal to this number?

A: Not decided yet.


2.3. Q: Is it possible for a Tier 5 destroyer to 1 shot a tier 8 cruiser with a single torpedo? (as in the torpedo blows the ships bow off the ship)

A: No. Even in reality it usually took more than that to sing a combat-ready warship unless ammunition exploded - many ships even of DD class survived having their bows/stern blown off (if nothing else happened to them).


2.4. Q: How would you be sorting the ship classes out? As in, with world of tanks you have, LTs, MTs, HTs, TDs and SPGs, so what ships would have similar rolls to these 5?

A: DDs are like LTs with damage equal to TDs, cruisers are like MTs combined with arty, BBs are like HTs combined with arty, and CVs are like arty combined to LTs in terms of speed.


2.5. Q: And another quick question, to statisfy myself for being able to play my favorite ship: Will the HMS Warspite (Queen Elisabeth class BB) eventually be playable?

A: Yes, of course, when we will add Great Britain.


2.6. Q: Will the weight of tiers be more like WOT or WoWp? Example: Fighting a tier 4 tank in WoT in a Loltraktor is not going to be successful, in WoWp you can easily take out a Tier4 with a Tier1 plane, if you got skills.

A: Closer to WoWp.


2.7. Q: Will Escort carriers play any part in World of Warships?

A: Yes, these carriers will be low tier carriers. As in World of Tanks, tiering will be done more by ship's capabilities than actual year of design.


3. Weapons, game mechanics


3.1. Q: Will some ship be able to use anti-torpedo bulges which were used on the USS Enterprise CV-6 and a lot of the newer ships in that period?

A: Most ships of 30s usually had bulges as a part of construction, and many older ones were upgraded to use bulges. Of course there will be bulges in our game.


3.2. Q: I know you've said somewhere that guns will fire simultaneously, will there be any point that you might experiment by making the guns fire one barrel at a time? or even have it where you fire all at the same time but the Barrels fire in sequence?

A: Right now we don’t see the need of that.


3.3. Q: I've heard and read of use of "torpedo nets", sturdy nets hung from the sides of ship to catch torpedoes prematurely so they wouldn't explode, or explode but have reduced damage to to increased range. Will those be represented in game?

A: No, there won’t be nets in our game.


3.4. Q: How will the hull-mounted secondary guns work? (Comment: I assume this means casemate-mounted secondary batteries as on older battleships and cruisers – I guess they will work the same way as turrets.)

A: As intended according to firing angles of these guns.


3.5. Q: How will damage on the ship look like? In most warship games it's at most fire, exploded turrets, and black scorch marks. Will we be able to expect realistic damage models? I know this has been asked before, but I'm curious about the full depth of how you will show the damage.

A: More realistic, than in WoT, but don’t expect wonders. Do not forget that the scale of the models will always limit possible details.


3.6. Q: Does the version of the engine used for World of Warships have the same limitations World of Tanks have regarding the max range at which a ship can be rendered?

A: No.


3.7. Q: What's the average spotting range we'll get on ships, considering the way longer range of their guns?

A: 15-20 km.


3.8. Q: In WoWS how will radar work? Will you just see Echoes on the Horizon for Aircraft and/or Ships? (Comment: If I understand it correctly, radar = just longer spotting range, so spotting will not depend on the method of detection)

A: Radar is integrated in ship’s range of sight capabilities. there will be no difference between visual and radar spotting, game-wise.


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Thanks again for these anwers :Smile_great:

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Yaaay, mine was answered... this is a whole new experience compared to what I experienced in the WOT Forums :D

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Well, bear in mind that on WoT forums there are many, many, many more players asking the questions ;)

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