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Answers From Developers - Round 5

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Stand still commanders!


Again, here are the answers from KGB from our fourth question thread. The delay in delivering them to you is completely on our side :Smile_ohmy:



1. Q: Before there was mentioned that the speeds would be as historical as possible. The speeds listed by the navies of the world during the Cold War were a lot lower then they actually could. The USS Enterprise has it's speed listed as 33+ knots, however there is reasonable evidence that it was indeed closer to or even in excess of 50 knots (insane I know). So will the post WW2 ships be based on their actual speed, or their listed speeds?


A: There is no evidence (documented) of USS Enterprise doing 50 knots. Moreover, USS Enterprise (CVN-65) isn’t hitting our time period. WWII USS Enterprise (CV-6) would definitely not be capable of reaching this speed.

Also note that some navies went to extra lengths during trials, but practical maximum speed was lower - this may lead to some discrepancies in the sources.



2. Q: In WW1 and WW2 it was common to rescue drowing sailors from sinking ships, in most cases ignoring the nationality of the sailors. Will this be somehow implemented IG? As some kind of credit/XP bonus for the savior, and decreased repair bills for the aided player?


A: No. Similar to carrier based aircraft recovery after their mothership was sunk, this will not be included in the game. Even in historical cases you would note that rescue of survivors was usually done after the battle - during the battle it was just too risky to stop. Even outside of direct battle - see for example the fate of survivors of USS Juneau after being sunk by a submarine - commander of US ships surviving the night battle did not conduct rescue ops and was later exonerated during the investigation, because the unknown threat posed by submarine was too great to risk his ships. on the opposite side there was the unfortunate case od HMS Aboukir, HMS Hogue and HMS Cressy sunk by U-9 in september 1941, later two after beginning rescue ops (thinking that HMS Aboukir struck a mine).



3. Q: Regarding Fog of War: Will we be able to see gun smoke from large ship batteries firing from the enemy team even if we cannot see the ship? (A bit like in tanks when you're playing arty you can sometimes tell where the shots are coming from due to smoke. Except much easier to tell due to size of guns involved).


A: Gun flashes will not be implemented. However, similar to World of Tanks, you will be able to spot shell tracers and guess the position of ships your forces did not spot yet.


4. Q: Will there be wakes to ships? If so, for how long and how easy will be they to spot?


A: Ships will leave wakes, however the wakes can not be spotted independently. It will be similar to tracks or smoke effects in Tanks.



5. Q: Will it be possible to swap a Main Caliber Gun for an Extra AA Machine Gun with Destroyers and will some AA Machine Guns be on top of the Turrets of the Larger Battleships which had them like that?


A: Yes. For example it will be possible to swap some 5“ for quadruple Bofors for Fletcher.


6. Q: What sort of guns can we expect at Tier 1?


A: Historical sorts of guns. IJN Katori had 5.5" and 5" guns, USS Erie 6" guns, plus an assortment of AA weapons in both cases.


7. Q: I know players will be able to choose the name between sister ships(for example either Yamato or Musashi), but will this name be displayed on loading screen? Or will it simply be "Yamato class" etc?


A: This is not decided yet.


8. Q: Could you give as an example of tier 5 ship? In WoT and WoWp on this tier there are legends like T-34, Sherman, Bf.109 and so on, so what can we expect in WoWs?


A: Unfortunately this is not finalised yet. We will be able to announce this later.



9. Q: Will it be possible to split enemy ship in two while ramming it from the side? Or make it flip over and sink?


A: Yes, this will be possible. Ramming speed! :Smile_izmena:


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I am so excited! :veryhappy:  Thanks for the information.

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Imagine just Imagine Yamato going on ramming speed against a poor little lightly armed destroyer I already feel bad for that destroyer :P

Anyways nice info!

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Will it be possible to split enemy ship in two while ramming it from the side? Or make it flip over and sink?


no commander or pasha not take the risk of zeroing in on another ship and his crew on board. :teethhappy:

pirate words, if a commander or pasha do this

there'll mutiny :izmena:  :izmena:

So in actual it is not posible voluntarily  :veryhappy:


or there is bad information somewhere  :sad:

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