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Stand still commanders! :Smile_honoring:


Again, here are the answers from KGB from our fourth question thread. We have taken the liberty to re-arrange the answers by topic:


1. Nations/ships included

1.1. Q: Do you have enough drawings and information on Dutch ships to make those when you start with the Combined European tree? If not, I can help you order drawings from a scale model club here. I don't want to push you, take your time to do it right. This is just some information to help in case finding drawings on Dutch military stuff proves difficult.


A: We always are open to information. There will be Dutch ships in Combined European tree – that is for sure.


1.2. Q: You did not mention any Greek ships. Will they ever be added?


A: Yes, sooner or later.

2. General

2.1. Q: Can you tell us, which class will be Tier I ships? I think it should be destroyers, however it would be nice to have official confirmation.


A: I’ve answered this question on NA and RU forums. Tier 1 ships are training ships, gunboats, etc. For USN it is Erie gunboat, for IJN it is Katori training cruiser.


2.2. Q: Are most maps with islands (so you can "take cover") or more open maps? Since a lot RL battles happened on the open ocean, but this would make battles almost 2D.


A: We are aiming on having all maps with more or less islands. I doubt we will make a plain ocean map ever – it is too boring to fight there.


2.3. Q: Are the "flags" going to be harbours or more of an island where you have to destroy fortifications? Are those fortifications going the return fire?


A: This is what is not final yet – I can’t answer about flags right now.


2.4. Q: Are there airfields on islands where planes from carries can make emergency landings?

Will it be possible to land Your planes on a Friendly carrier if your carrier is Sunk but you get charged for using there Ammo and Fuel? If you haven't thought about this can I keep it here as a Suggestion?


A: No.


2.5. Q: In WoT it's a garage, in WoWp - hangar, so the place where you keep your ships in WoWs will be named a dock? :D


A: Dock or shipyard.


2.6. Q: Will the teams be strictly Allied ships vs Axis ships in WoWs, Or will we have to play games where it's all just thrown into an unhistorical basket?


A: Like in WoT – any ship of any nation on one side.


2.7. Q: Can we expect to see a Realism gamemode that only allows Nation-pure Teams. Say a team consisting of only German ships vs the Royal navy?


A: No.


2.8. Q: As a frame of reference, in the maps you are planning what would the maximum range of a torpedo be? Will it be 1/4 of the map or more/less? I don't expect a super accurate answer but an approximation might help us build a better understanding of map dimensions.


A: Ranges of torpedoes are +/- close to historical except Long Lances, of course – they are nerfed.


2.9. Q: We know that World of Tanks does not support multicore processors, while World of Warplanes does. What about World of Warships?


A: We support multicores.


2.10.1. Q: Are the maps big enough to actually first see the top of the distant ship and later, as we get closer, the whole ship (because the earth is round)? If yes, will that be implemented in the game?


A: Maps are flat. If you will calculate the curvature of Earth on a square of 60x60 kilometers you’ll understand why we decided not to include curvature in our game.


2.10.2. Q: When the weather conditions are implemented will the same weather be on the whole map or, for example, will there be areas with rain and others without?


A: Can’t answer that right now. It depends on how well we will make the weather system.


2.11. Q: Will there be eventually Night Time Engagements such as the ones at Guadalcanal?


Later – possible. In release version – no.


2.12. Q: We've talked about Weather previously, and you mentioned that it will have no adverse affect on Aiming due to FCS being very advanced during this time. I would like to expand that question and ask: Will you have weather mechanics in the game? Such as clear days, stormy days, foggy etc? If so will these just be cosmetic or will they impact on both ships and carrier planes?


A: As I’ve answered just a couple letters above – it depends on how well we will make the weather system. Right now I cannot provide you any 100% info.


3. Armament, tactics

3.1. Q: As a Carrier, will you be able to have all your aircraft launched, or will you have to land/lose a squadron before you can launch the next?


A: There will be a limit to number of squadrons in the air at a certain moment of time.


3.2. Q: Will the Hybrid BB/carriers and the likes strictly be able to launch scout planes, or will they be able to launch bombers that can hit lightly defended targets?  (I suppose they wouldn't be as effective as a real carrier)


A: Hybrids will be able to launch some fighters and bombers, though these planes are almost no match to normal CV’s of a same tier.


3.3. Q: Will you be able to go back to port during a game, if so, in what situations would that be beneficial? (repair, refit, rearm, refuel, retreat, defend, anything?)


A: No plans of making that.


3.4. Q: Will the AI merchants be sinkable, if so, will there be a penalty if you sink "allied" merchants if you're an allied player?


A: I doubt there will be sinkable merchants at all.


3.5. Q: Will you make the matchmaking system so that only big ships fight big ships, and small ones small? if so, isn't that going to be a little ahistorical and boring?


A: No. No, that isn’t going to be a little ahistorical. If you read something about Jutland, you’ll understand why.


3.6.1. Q: Poster below asks if all AA will be automatic, I want to know if they are, will there still be ANY circumstance where we'll see manually fired AA? if not, how will you reward players that give Carrers AA support? What is the incentive if it's automatic?


A: No manually controlled AA. Period.


3.6.2. Q: I am slightly concerned that all AA will be automatic and there will be, as you said, "low" ammunition stacks for it. How accurate are you planning to have the AA be?


A: AA will be that accurate that we make them according to gameplay balance.


3.6.3. Q: Attached to that question, a lot of the bigger classes of Ships carried a lot of AA: Though AA is automatic, you've previously talked about how we still need to pay to resupply. How will you balance the much higher costs of AA on the bigger warships? (since they will have a lot more AA Guns firing/eating away ammo)


A: Answering the question “how you will balance costs” – we will balance them well.


3.6.4. Q: And the third amendment about AA: Based on the idea of automatic AA, will the accuracy of AA be more or less the same for all warships? Or will some warships have more Accurate AA? Will you be able to turn AA on/off to conserve the ammunition?


A: AA accuracy will depend on crew skills and pre-sets.


3.6.5. Q: Why not have the ability to change the AA Battery's and there adjacent Battery's manually, this way you can get an even spread of AA Machine guns. So if your selection is between Medium-Long range but slow firing machine guns and Short-Medium but Fast Firing Machine guns with the same initial Damage you can get an Even Split on the types used, if you get what I mean. Main and Secondary battery's I can understand.


A: Why not? Because we don’t think it is a good idea.


3.6.6. Q: Will naval Flak Guns pose a risk to Friendly CAP and kill/injure the Crew of Friendly Ships if it explodes above them? And if so will there be a way to stop your friendly Flak from gunning down your own or someone else Aircraft?


A: No.


3.7. Q: Will there be "dud" shells? No such thing exists in WoT, however it would be a great addition to have shells that can pierce your ship.... but fail to explode. I feel it would add an extra element.

Will you add a feature like this?

If not, why not?


A: No, we won’t. Because we don’t  think it is a good idea.


3.8. Q: I just wanted your confirmation that the maximum gun calibre we can expect will be 18" apart from the Germans, since their ships had less guns, which might be 19". Is this true? Will you keep this as a rule while introducing more ships in the future?


A: Yes, it is true.


3.9. Q: How detailed will the micro management be of the airplanes? Will the player be able to choose when/where to drop bombs? if so, individually, or per squadron?


A: No. Players will choose what target to attack.


3.10. Q: How will the repair system work?


A: Repair system will work well.


3.11. Q: Will the Warships have pumps to pump out the water and will the crew  experience affect the efficiency of the pumping?


A: Yes, but not player-controlled.


3.12. Q: Is it possible to ram ships and sink them? For example a battleship ramming a cruiser or DD?


A: Yes.


4. Alpha test

4.1. Q: In World of Warplanes the alpha test started with only one server and forum(excluding RU here), will there be more servers for World of Battleships since we have both NA and EU forums, in other words will each region get a test server from the start?


A: No.


4.2. Q: Dev. from WoWp said CAT veterans will get invite for CAT of WoWs... Who we need to contact? Will the activity on WoWs forums be also counted?


A: My workplace is the same room, where WoT and WoWp producers are working. Rumors about special preferences or granted invites to WoWs for WoWp CAT are just rumors, sorry.

Quite a lot of questions and answers this time.


At ease commanders! See you in the next question thread. :Smile_glasses:

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Thanks Dev guys i really look foward to see my nations ships to sail.

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Works in Chrome... Firefox has some problems lately.

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