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Answers From Developers - Round 3

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Hello, folks,

KGB again answered your questions with lightning speed - enjoy!


1. Ships and weapons


1.1. Q: Will we have fire modes to choose from? (Ie: Simultaneous, by turret, by primary gun)  I know for aiming the turrets will all point at one target, but I was wondering if you stagger your fire. This could help with the first couple of ranging shots and then you could go back to firing all turrets simultaneously.


A: No, there will be no firing modes to choose from.


1.2. Q: In tandem with that question, how much ammunition would, let's say an Iowa carry? Just wondering if it's never an issue or enough of an issue you do not want to waste too much on ranging shots/etc.


A: We are aiming on historical numbers right now, but this can be changed in future.



1.3. Q: Knowing AA guns are automatic, will we be expected to pay to reload them every game? or will they be excluded from re-supply?


A: These guns will have imited ammo, and of course player will pay for this ammo, but not too much.


1.4. Q: Will some nation ships have Auto Loaders like some of the French Tanks in WoT?


A: No.


1.5. Q: Does the guns on ships have different maximum ranges? If yes, would there be a nation that has range as an advantage?


A: Yes, the ranges are different, but not much. As long as there is no blockshots like in Navyfield (and there is a huge spread on maximum range, as it was IRL) the small range difference is not a problem at all.


1.6. Q: Will some ships be able to fire Rocket Artillery as some ships where designed and used in Battles like the Normandy Beach Landings?


A: That is unlikely. The LCS® and other rocket ships were designed for a close-in fire support just before the first wave hits the surf, since we will not do opposed landings. These ships were not exactly too seaworthy and would need to be generally at knifefight distance to make any impression on real warships.


1.7. Q: Will the Carrier tree be similar to the Arty tree in WoT were it stops at Tier 8 or will it go up-to Tier 10?


A: No, CVs will have their Tier10 as other classes. After all, WoT will also have tier X artilleries eventually.


1.8. Q: Will planes be researched separately to the Carriers or will they be Researched as Modules for each Carrier?


A: We are not yet final with decisions about the carrier aircraft handling.


1.9. Q: What would the reloading time be?


A: Faster than IRL, but not much faster.


1.10. Q: Will the game have Ap,He, premium ammo?


A: There will be many ammo types to choose from.


1.11. Q: Can water plumes destroy airplanes damage, smaller ships?


A: No. While water plumes can be dangerous to planes, they were not overly effective as anything except psychological weapon.


1.12. Q: Will ships have crew you can see? like AA gunners and brigde crew and so on,peope just walking running around?


A: No, we are limited by scale of the ships.


2. General WoWs questions


2.1. Q: As an update, do you know when you might be able to provide us with an early tech tree for the IJN & USN lines during the beta? Just curious if you knew which ships you were planning on placing in the beta so far.


A: Can’t tell this yet. Tech trees are still being worked upon.


2.2. Q: Will camouflage choices be available with release/beta? Or will it be like in Warplanes where it seems to automatic?


A: I think that you can see it in release version.


2.3. Q: I know you have yet to decide fully on Sailor Abilities, but will we be able to trade sailors with beta/release or are you planning to do that much later? (Ofc this is accounting for the fact there may be a lot of nice abilities to choose from)


A: There will be no crew trading.


2.4. Q: How long would you roughly estimate that World of Warships would be in Closed Alpha and Beta before it come into Open Beta?


A: CAT will be shorter than WoT and WoWp, that’s all I can say now.


2.5. Q: Do you have any other Projects planned for after World of Warships is released like World of Star-ships?



A: First of all we aimed at making a great game about warships – anything after will be after.


2.6. Q: There have been a lot of questions already about ships, crew management, Ai, carriers, etc etc. However, when i look at a naval game, my first concern is about the environment battles takes place in, in this case the sea, and how it affects the fights. So the question is, what kind of "physics" can we expect from the ships there? Will we have waves or the sea will be just a flat texture with special effects to resemble the sea? Will we have different maps with different sea conditions that influence ship accuracy, or force you to shoot in a certain situation and not in another one?


A: Right now we are in a process of testing the 3d waves, so this waves are likely to be seen in CAT/CBT already. As for maps – there will be maps of different seas and places of the world.


2.7. Q: Will we get camoflages/skins we can buy like in tanks?


A: This is possible.


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Thanks Tuccy!

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View PostJeeWeeJ, on 17 September 2012 - 09:24 PM, said:

Thanks Tuccy!

And Thanks KGB !

Hmm, this sounds weird :Smile_veryhappy:

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View PostDiedel, on 18 September 2012 - 04:50 AM, said:

And Thanks KGB !

Hmm, this sounds weird :Smile_veryhappy:

That because nick KGB is weird. I wonder if they have someone nicknamed GRU :Smile_trollface:  and if they hate each other :Smile_trollface:

Tuccy no new topic for questions opened?  :Smile_hiding:

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