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Community Contributor Program - Application Thread

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Do you want to become a Community Contributor for World of Warships here in Europe? Well you're at the right address!

Leave your application in this feedback thread! However there are a few things that we'd like you to include:

  • Tell us about yourself - anything you want, we want to get to know you!
  • Tell us what you want to achieve by joining the program and why you are applying! 
  • What sets you apart from other existing CCs. What makes your content unique (Important!)
  • Include links to your channels!
  • Please include your discord tag (e.g. Seraphice#7504) and if you know how to, your discord ID (e.g. 193417308197093376)
  • If you want to speed up the process also include:
    • T-shirt Size
    • Your Birthday


The potential and quality of your content will be the biggest determining factor. You can put out 10 low effort videos per day, but we prefer better content, even if it takes longer to make and release. The potentional of the content and the value we see in it is important as well. Just because you have the numbers does not mean that you will be accepted.

However there are some numerical requirements. They are not hard requirements if we think your content has enough potential, but please try to stick to it.


  • Twitch:
    • English:
      • 75 average viewers
    • Other languages:
      • 30 average viewers
  • Youtube:
    • at least 300 views per video
    • 1000 subscribers

IMPORTANT: Submissions without any already created content on World of Warships will be dismissed. We believe that the Program is best for those are already making World of Warships content of their own accord and already have their own established community and viewer base


In any case, please make sure you adhere to the https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/content-creator-guidelines/ - Not adhering to these guidelines is an automatic No-Go for being accepted into the program.


Also, since this is a feedback thread, only WG staff will be able to see your post, so no worries about others peeking at your application!
It may take a while for us to contact you, as we will only periodically check this thread (once or twice a month) so be patient when applying.


With all that said, you are free to apply below, and good luck!


Fair seas captain!

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