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Ship Nicknames

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Do not forget Nelsol and Rodnol. Well, they DID look like tankers from profile :P


At the time I think I was avoiding repeating already stated nicknames. To further expand on the OL nicknames I do think it refers to the OL class tankers of the 2000 ton category such as Blegol. However I can't find an actual reference for the ship or where the nickname started. The pair of ships were also referred to as the Pair of Boots for the silhouette being akin to an old boot and again called the Cherry Tree Class for their cut down nature due to treaty limitations. More nicknames included the Rodbox and one officer referred to Rodney as Olympian because "...like Zeus or a fat policeman, they carry that air of accepted predominance which says: 'I am here. You're quite safe now. Pray don't worry."


I think we need more people taking note of the historical section.

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Some from Russian/Soviet fleet


Navarin - Tabourette, backless stool

Parizhskaya Kommuna - Parizhanka (parisienne)

Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya - Oktyabrina

Sevastopol - Krivaya Truba (the Crooked Pipe) - for curved pipe obviously

Gangut - Vokzal (the Train Station) - for loud intercom system


Krasny Kavkaz and Krasny Krym cruisers - Kyr-kyz and Kyr-kyr, from Kr.kr.Kr.Kz. and Dv.Kr.kr.Kr.Kr. This crap means Krasnoznamenny kreiser "Krasny Kavkaz" (Red-bannered cruiser "Krasny Kavkaz") and Dvazhdy Krasnoznamenny kreiser "Krasny Krym" (twice Red-bannered cruiser "Krasny Krym")

Lazar Kaganovich - Lazaret (Lazaretto)


Lend-leased flushdeckers of Northen fleet - "Rusty-class destroyers"

Rezvy and Ryany destroyers (Frisky and Zealous) - Trezvy and Pyany (Abstinent and Drunk)

Bespokojny (Restless) - Bestolkovy (Goofy)

Nastojchivy (Persistent) - Nastyrny (Dogged)

Vitse-admiral Kulakov - Kulatsky syn (son of reach anti-soviet farmer)


border guards ship squadron with Groza, Tuman, Vyuga (Storm, Fog, Snowstorm) ships - "Bad weather squadron"


Pr.949/949A (Oscar/Oscar-II class) submarines - baton (loaf) - for their hull form


And the name-style nucknames:

Diana - Dasha

Pallada - Palasha

Marshal Timoshenko - Timokha

Admiral Kuznetsov - Kuzya

Petr Veliky - Der Grosse Pedro

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Those old flushdecker Dd are also nicknamed 4 Stacker or 4 pipers...


CV 5 Lexington are called The lucky Y (hence my nickname) because IJN stated her 3 times sunk until she was scuttled during battle of Midway


HMS Agincourt was called "the turret farm"


HMS Hood also earns the nickname Gin palace because of parading around the world


Scharnhorst and Gneisenau are called the "Ugly sisters"






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As pointed out by someone to me, the old cruisers Bari and Taranto in WWII had a nickname that it's easy to understand: "Divisione Ruggine" (Rust Division).

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On 1/4/2020 at 8:15 PM, multialexander_15 said:

nop, USS Enterprise was called Gray Ghost


As was Pensacola.


The RN 7th Cruiser Squadron (five Cressy-class armoured cruisers) were known as the 'Live Bait Squadron', as that was all they were considered good for even before three of them were sunk by the U-9 in one encounter in September 1914...

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