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change 'report' function

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no, seriously, I dont mind the system beeing there, despite beeing utterly useless but to demoralise players... but I can understand it beeing there for a reason.

Except, it is there totally unchecked on facts, ppls can just report you as they see fit... so what's the point of it? I mean, I like the new hybrid class a lot, I love playing my Ise coz I can go shoot at stuff out of my range, or go spot DD's when there is no DD on our side of the map, or I can even make ships show their broadside while avoiding me in my planes so my teammates can shoot at a nice juicy target.... but beeing reported almost every game by players who think I'm beeing passive while flying my planes? I'm not even that long in the air tbh... it's not fun, it's demoralising and it seriously makes me think why give ppl that option without even checking for facts.

If ppl are afk for minutes on end, sure, report them, if ppl are very toxic in chat, I can understand that, or players are just really really anti-teamplay and fire on own team or worse, sure, the report option is good way to adress that.... if it did something else then just give or take away point... but this system the way it works now just is an extra tool for griefers and ppl making the community even more sick as it is this day... maybe try think of something a bit more rewarding to the human -psyche if you did something good but pls oh pls make it less demoralising for ppl doing their best but getting reported for nothing at all.... they say karma is a biatch, sure, but that's not what's happening here, most of the time karma bites you in the [edited]in this game becoz you are doing your best to be a good teamplayer... I know haters will hate (prob on this post too) but I jsut wanted to say/do something to make this game more 'fun' or at least take a little frustration out of it by posting this.


Anyway, happy sailing shippers

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In some ways it is a shame that there is a negative Karma button. I use almost only Compliments as those make people feel better. If someone does something completely outrageous, they should be reported but that should be a different system. Reporting someone because they bettered you is pretty pathetic - you should complement them for being better/luckier or whatever. If they are abusive, they deserve a chat ban and if malign, it is up to WG to punish them on report. Negative reporting is just an outlet for frustration and making someone else feel bad is surely not a particularly pleasant aim.

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