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Question on builds (for the new German line)

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Ok, so this might get a little controversial. I had a fun time in Felix mostly derping around shooting AP. But recently, the concealment build has not been favoring me. I used to ambush cruisers and DDs with the concealment, however now I am getting spotted from CVs pretty much all the time, and the smoke while it helps me farm longer, having 4 seems like a waste. Almost never get to use the remaining four. This is what I ran till now. (for some reason the game doesn't allow me to use snipping tool so I have to use this site)



I tried to support DDs, and while that did work, they ofc do stupid yoloing and I have to abandon them, and then combined with the points I have mentioned above. So I recently reset the commander and started using this captain on Z-52 line. I have a spare 21 point commander that I used on Z-39 and I want a proper build this time so that I don't have to reset again.


This is what I am planning to put on, but I am not sure which to put on:-


I am particularly fond of this build coz good reload with high AP volleys, and if I have to use HE, atleast I have good fire chance and pin for consistent dmg.








So guys, which one should I go for. Or suggest me a better build than these. I want to bring out the full potential out of these DDs. I really am tempted for conceal but I just can't fit it without losing Damage. So what should I do?

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