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Hey all :D

I have a tech question i hope someone could help clarify ...


I am fiddling around with the engine_config.xml to boost performance ... some works like a charm, others don't, and some leaves me wondering.


So far I've had success with editing some lines to other values than default, witch is:




  <maxFrameRate>120</maxFrameRate> (I'm playing on a 55 inch tv with 120hz 4K)



  <streamCacheSizeKB>16384</streamCacheSizeKB> (I'm running on an 4790k 4.6ghz with 32gb's of ram and a 1080Ti) This value seems to make the game run somewhat more fluid than the default value of 2048



Also I'm using the :


  <maxInDockFrameSkip>10</maxInDockFrameSkip> This value seems to make the switching between various menus (Amory, Campaigns, Tech tree and son ) in port a great deal faster and "snappy".



The one that is making me wonder is the line:



  <textureStreamingMode>2</textureStreamingMode> ... What is this value? and what would changing it do?


Hope someone can clarify this for me in any way :-)


Thx in advance :)





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