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Looking for serious clan

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Hi all,


I am looking for a clan (surprise ;) What am I looking for in a clan?


So far I have joined a number of clans that I did not like.

A clan where people are in just for the xp and so. Mostly people who were still ging solo.

Also a clan that was far to fanatic. One little mistake and I was put on the bench in a very unfriendly way.


The clan I am looking for to join is serious, but there is also just fun.
The clan is making work of teamwork. I find a lot of players are just going solo, no deliberation during a battle. Nothing wrong with that, but it is not what I want. Preferably using Discord or some other means.

Regular playing, members are online for a couple of times a week.

Also the members have become of age, no puppies just rushing of, just for the thrill.


My max tier atm is T7, working to get higher tiers.

I am a Dutch guy, 62 yo. English is np.


If you think your clan lives up to my expectations, please reply and we will see.


Cheers, Cor

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Hurricane FC's setting  up new Clan seeking Members. All positive people are welcome,we don't care about stats.We'll turn you into a team  to upset the status quo. Typhoon 1 guaranteed              


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