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So I recently started (like 2 days ago) with a promotion code from annoying adds and have a tier 3 peeminum America ship with around 24k health I’m not sure how to get tier 4,5,6~ ships. Anyone mind helping me?

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You need to play tech tree ships in order to unlock tier 4,5 ships. 


With premium ship you are only getting more credits and captain XP

If you didn't played more than 15 games you can still be able to accept invite.

I've sent you invite code on PM

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When you play a normal non premium tech tree ship (for example tier 1 us erie) you gain XP on it. That xp can then be used to upgrade the ship and research the new one. Though you might have to play a few matches before new features get unlocked.


Here's a slightly outdated (but still mostly relevant) help post.

On 3/21/2019 at 11:55 AM, SV_Kompresor said:

Yup, a couple of things first:

Go to settings and then controls. Make sure to set:

  • Collision avoidance system: OFF (completely worthless...usually causes you to crash into an island not the other way around)
  • Alternative interface mode: FULL (displays ship name, health and player name all at the same time in battle)


  • When in battle use + and - to change the size of your minimap.
  • Hold down CTRL and click on the cog wheels next to it and turn on any ranges you deem necessary as well as last known position markers.
  • Use SHIFT for quickly zooming in and out
  • Use RMB to turn the camera without moving your guns
  • Press 3 again after selecting torpedoes to switch between wide and narrow spreads


Also note that some of the mentioned features can be hidden until you reach a certain level. You can check that under the "Profile" tab.



  Reveal hidden contents



US heavy cruisers:

+Decent AA

+Superheavy AP shells at high tiers with increased penetration angles (very good for citadeling cruisers)

+Long duration radar

-Slow shells

-No torpedoes (with the exception of tiers 4 and 5)

-High shell arcs


US light cruisers:

+Decent AA

+Can to a lot of damage in a very short time

+Fast rate of fire

+Can equip radar and hydro

+Good concealment

-Thin armor

-Very slow shell velocity

-No torpedoes

-Require IFHE skill to reach full potential


IJN cruisers:

+Good AP shells and high caliber guns at lower tiers

+Very good HE shells

+Long range torpedoes

+Decent shell velocity

+Good concealment

-Poor torpedo arcs (most can only fire them backwards)

-Poor AA

-Slow turret rotation speed


German cruisers:

+Good range

+Decent AA

+Good AP alpha

+Turtleback armor at higher tiers

+Fast turret traverse

-Mediocre HE shells


Russian light cruisers:

+Long range

+Very good shell velocity

+Low shell arcs


+Long range radar

-Slow rudder shift

-Poor concealment

-Mediocre HE shells

-Easy to citadel


Russian heavy cruisers:

+Long range

+Fast shells

+Relatively tanky

+Long range radar

-Somewhat poor shells

-Quite big


British light cruisers:

+Excellent AP shells

+Single fire torpedoes

+Extremely fast heal

+Very good acceleration

-Very poor deceleration

-No defensive AA

-Very thin armor

-No HE shells


British heavy cruisers:


+Good concealment

-No armor

-Quite poor shells


French cruisers:

+Very fast

+Speed boost

+Can equip main battery reload booster

+Good artilery range

+Decent range torpedoes

-Low amount of torpedoes

-Somewhat easy to citadel


Italian cruisers:

+Long range torpedoes

+Can use smoke at full speed

+Quite fast

+SAP (semi armor-piercing) shells are extremely good at damaging poorly armored targets

-SAP does not penetrate belt armor on most ships

-Cannot start fires due to lack of HE shells

-Very slow torpedoes

-Thin armor




US Battleships:

+Good allaround

+Punchy guns

+Decent high tier dispersion

-Slow at low tiers

-Shorter range

-Slightly bigger dispersion at lower tiers


IJN Battleships:


+Decent accuracy

+Longer range

-Somewhat lacking AA

-Slightly less armor


German Battleships:

+Fast turret rotation speed

+Difficult to citadel

+Excellent secondaries at higher tiers

+Hydro at high tiers

-Unreliable guns

-High dispersion


UK Battleships:

+Difficult to citadel

+Extremely strong HE

+Very good concealment at higher tiers

+Very good heal

-Slow turret traverse

-Mediocre AP at lower tiers

-Poor outer armor

-Poor dispersion


French Battleships:

+Very good secondaries at high tiers

+Decent turret traverse

+Speed boost at higher tiers

-Relatively high dispersion at low tiers

-Small gun caliber on many ships





US destroyers:

+Very good turrets (fast reload, rotation speed)

+Best for hunting other destroyers at close range

-Medium/short range torpedoes at low tiers

-Slow shell velocity

-Rainbow arcs


IJN torpedo boats:

+High shell velocity

+Good damage per shell

+Long range torpedoes

+Good concealment

+Best for stealth torpedoing enemy ships

-Slow turret reload

-Slow turret rotation


IJN gunboats:

+Excellent shell velocity at close range

+Fast rate of fire

+A lot of guns

-Very light shells

-Not very manouverable

-Situational torpedoes

-Require IFHE skill to do almost any HE damage


Soviet destroyers (both lines):

+Very fast

+Good gun range

+Good shell velocity

+Best for long range engagements

-Very short range torpedoes until high tiers

-Slightly slower rudder shift

-Poor concealment

-Slow turret traverse at low tiers


German destroyers:

+Forward firing torpedoes at low tiers

+Decent turret traverse

+Strong AP shells


-Slightly shorter gun range

-Medium range torpedoes


Pan-Asian destroyers:

+Extremely small torpedo concealment

-A combination of ships from different nations causes inconsistency

-Torpedoes cannot hit destroyers


British destroyers:

+Can equip short range hydro

+Single launch torpedoes

+Good concealment

+360° Turrets in many cases

+Short range hydro


-No speed boost


French destroyers:

+Very fast

+Large amount of HP

+Main battery reload booster

-No smoke

-Fairly large


  Reveal hidden contents

In wows there are several types of currency, both for researching and for purchasing. In the top right of the screen there will always be a window showing your amount of DOUBLOONS, CREDITS, and FREE XP.



Doubloons are a premium currency used to purchase premium time, premium ships, premium consumables, or to convert xp. They are acquired by purchasing them with real world money and normally cannot be earned by playing the game.




Credits are your mainstream money in the game. You earn them by doing missions, opening containers, or simply by playing the game. They are used to buy and upgrade ships, to purchase consumables and to equip some camouflages.




Like ship xp, free xp is earned just by playing the game, however unlike ship xp, free xp is not ship specific and can be used on any ship and any module, which means it's quite valuable. Because of that, the amount of free xp that you earn per battle is far lower than that of the ship xp. It can also be recieved by converting elite xp with doubloon



Ship xp is used for researching new ships and for researching upgrades to said ship. This type of XP is ship specific which means it can only be used on the ship it was earned with. If you play with a US ship and earn xp on it, you cannot use the same xp on another ship.




When you research a ship, all of its modules, and the next ship in the line, any xp that is still on this ship and any that you gain in the future will automatically be transformed into elite xp. This xp is useless on it's own, however it can be converted into FREE XP with doubloons.



Below the credit window is the ship commander window. It shows the amount of xp you have on the current ship and the xp of its commander. While gaining ship xp, your commander is also gaining his own experience, with which he can level up. The number below the picture represents the number of unused skillpoints vs maximum number of skillpoints. With every level a commander gains he also gains a skill point which you can use by clicking on the picture. Doing so will open up the skills tree. Each of these skills gives you an advantage but be aware that the better the skill, the more it costs. Skills in the first row cost 1 skill point each, the second 2, the third 3, and the final ones 4, so choose wisely.




Below the commander are various ship stat tabs which you can expand to offer a better view of the statistics.


  Reveal hidden contents

On the left side of the screen you might notice a window with a container.


By earning ship xp, you are also earning container xp on the side. For every 2000, 12500 and 37000 xp you earn daily, you'll recieve a single container as a reward. There is also a small chance of a supercontainer which can give very good rewards. By clicking on shis icon you can open the container screen and choose a reward container in which you'll recieve 3 different rewards. You have 4 options:


-More credits (ensures at least one reward is credits)

-More signals (ensures at least one reward is a set of signals)

-More consumables (ensures at least one reward is a consumable)

-More resources (ensires at least one reward is coal)

-Try your luck (only gives out 1 reward, with a higher chance of a supercontainer)


  Reveal hidden contents

Below the container window is a campaign icon. By clicking on it you can open the campaign screen in which you can select missions you wish to complete. Each mission has a its own requirements and rewards, but it also awards stars. Once you collect enough stars you can unlock the final mission and continue to the next set of missions. If you don't think you can complete a mission, don't worry because they are repeatable and can be completed as many times as you want.



  Reveal hidden contents

Next up on the list is the modules tab.

This tab offers the player the ability to improve their ship. Every module requires a set number of xp before it can be researched and only after that can it be purchased and mounted.


Here you can also change which types of consumables you wish to take into battle (premium or standard) and add additional upgrades to your ship.



  Reveal hidden contents

The exterior tab allows you to customize your ship visually. Different camouflages have different effects on the ship and can add for some nice visuals aswell. You can acquire these by purchasing them, earning them in containers or by completing missions and events.



  Reveal hidden contents

Before you enter a battle you need to be aware of one thing. When you first enter a game you'll be entering a game with players on your side, but you'll be fighting bots. This is called a CO-OP battle. It's only after you reach level 3 that you can switch from COOP to RANDOM battles. To do this simply click on the »COOP battle« icon next ti the BATTLE button and select a different gamemode.


There are currently 5 different »standard« gamemodes.



Coop battles are identical to random battles, however instead of facing players you play against bots. Rewards in CO-OP are reduced and you cannot earn any achievements in it.



Random battles is a gamemode you'll most likely be playing the most. It offers a greater challange than coop but it also brings much higher rewards.



Ranked battles can only be played during ranked seasons. During these, each ranked win brings you a star and a loss takes it away. Gathering enough of them increases your rank and brings rewards.



Can be played anytime and allows up to 7 people in a single match. During an operation you must work together with your team to finish the objectives.



As the name implies, clan wars are competitions between clans during which they compete for better ranks.


  Reveal hidden contents

While in the middle of a battle you can always check the health of your ship by looking at the bottom left indicator which will turn to yellow or red when you take a certain amount of damage.  The engine power indicator shows you what speeds your ship is currently travelling at and what treshold it's trying to reach, while similarly the rudder indicator is showing how "hard" your ship is trying to turn.



You can also check your ship stats while in battle by hovering your mouse over the health indicator or holding H.



Another thing to note is your ability to modify the minimap to your liking, by clicking on the gears icon next to it. To activate the mouse simply hold CONTROL.



  Reveal hidden contents

To perform well in a game you need to know your ship's capabilities and your own, and one of the most important ones is your ability to choose the right ammunition type based on a situation. Churning out just a single type of shells might yield some results, but it won't bring you any closer to playing world of warships like it was supposed to.



In world of warships you have 2 standard types of ammunition and one non standard. Armor-piercing, High-explosive and Semi armor-piercing.


High explosive (HE):

High explosive shells are your mainstream choice of ammo. They are designed to explode on contact with the ship and can therefore deal consistent damage. Because they explode on contact, angling doesn't work against this type of ammo and they cannot overpenetrate or bounce. They can however get blocked by heavy armor, which is why they're best used on ships with light armor or the less armored parts of heavier ships. They deal slightly less damage than their AP equivalents but have a chance to set enemy ships on fire, dealing damage over time. These shells also have a chance to destroy modules such as anti air guns, torpedo launchers, engines or rudder. When playing the game they are shown in orange color.


Armor piercing (AP):

Armor piercing shells are slightly more complicated to use, however if you use them correctly, they can deal massive damage that is far greater than that of the HE shells. These shells are designed to pierce through the armor of a ship and explode inside it, dealing more damage than HE ever could. However because AP shells do not explode on contact, they have a chance to bounce or overpen. If fired at heavy armor while it is angled these shells will almost certainly bounce off of it harmlessly, dealing 0 damage, while if fired at a broadside target with very low amount of armor such as a destroyer, they will almost certainly overpenetrate dealing only 10% of the damage they would otherwise. This is why the AP shells are often only used on ships that are showing a broadside or have a medium amount of armor.


Semi armor-piercing:

These shells are only available to italian cruisers. They are a mix of both HE and AP shells, in that they do not overpenetrate just like high explosive but can still bounce just like armor piercing. They cannot start fires but have very good auto bounce arcs. They are quite weak against angled targets, but can be absolutely devastating against poorly armored targets such as destroyers. Their default color in the game is red.



Consumables are items you can use while in the battle. Think of them as special skills, unique to each class of ships. Every consumable has a certain amount of time it needs before it can be used again although buying premium consumables can decrease it, and some even have a limited number of uses so keep that in mind.




This consumable can be found on all types of ships and its purpose is to repair fires, floods and broken ship modules such as turrets or engines. This consumable has an unlimited number of uses on most ships.





Unlike damage control party, the repair party has a limited number of uses and is only available on battleships, british light cruisers, tier 9-10 cruisers and some special cases. Its purpose is to heal a percentage of light damage done to your ship. Light damage mostly means damage dealt by fires and floodings, however it can heal other forms of damage as well.





These two consumables are available on most cruisers and battleships and each provide different bonuses.  The spotting aircraft increases the range of your weapons by 20% while a catapult fighter will automatically engage enemy planes that stray too close to your ship. Both of these can also be used to spot enemy ships.






A smoke generator is used by ligher ships such as destroyers to hide themselves or allies inside of a protective smoke screen. Ships inside it or behind it become almost invisible while holding their fire, unless the enemy gets too close. With the update  0.6.12 any ship firing inside of a smoke will have its detectability range increased proportional to the caliber of the guns, which means a battleship cannot hide inside a smoke whilist firing.





Speed boost is a consumable that when activated will put your engines into an overdrive, increasing a ship's maximum speed for the duration of the consumable. When activated it is seen as a darker form of smoke coming from the ship's funnels.





This consumable gives you the ability to spot ships and torpedoes from an increased range, even through islands and smoke. It can be used to flush out ships hiding inside a smoke or to give you an early torpedo warning.





Finally, this consumable is used when you need that extra protection from enemy planes. When activated, it increases the power of your AA armaments.

There are more consumables (radar and reload booster), however you shouldn't be seeing those early on so I don't believe there is any point in discussing them.




  Reveal hidden contents

In world of warships every ship has its own detection/concealment range, at which it will be spotted for everybody on the enemy team to see and shoot, so it is wise for you to check what yours is before heading into an engagement.


When firing your guns, the detection range increases to your maximum gun range, which means that anybody that you can shoot at, can also spot you (assuming there are no obstructions in the way). 


Another thing to note is that if your ship is on fire, the range from which you can be spotted increases slightly.


(the dotted lines represent air and ship detection ranges when the ship fires. In this particular case it's hard to see the ship detection range as it's the same size as my gun range which is the full line)


It is similar for when you hide inside a smoke, however while inside it, the detection range is reduced. If you do not fire you're almost invisible, however if you do fire, the bigger the guns on your ship, the easier it will be to spot you. Planes can also be used to spot you in a similar way, if you fire you can be seen from farther away.


Note that if you get to within 2-3km of an enemy ship you'll both be spotted by proximity regardless of if you're behind an island or inside a smoke.




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46 minutes ago, SV_Kompresor said:

When you play a normal non premium tech tree ship (for example tier 1 us erie) you gain XP on it. That xp can then be used to upgrade the ship and research the new one. Though you might have to play a few matches before new features get unlocked.


Here's a slightly outdated (but still mostly relevant) help post.




52 minutes ago, zg_mmax said:

You need to play tech tree ships in order to unlock tier 4,5 ships. 


With premium ship you are only getting more credits and captain XP

If you didn't played more than 15 games you can still be able to accept invite.

I've sent you invite code on PM

Thanks for your replies Captains! 


@YOLOLOLO_WINNERSince you are just getting started with our game, If you have the time, I suggest you watch this series of tutorials, I think you might find them useful.  😊



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