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:cap_rambo::cap_rambo::cap_rambo::cap_rambo:[DZKK] TÜRK DENİZ KUVVETLERİ KOMUTANLIĞI:cap_rambo::cap_rambo::cap_rambo::cap_rambo:



                :cap_cool: İ LETİŞİM: DİSCORD :cap_cool:

8hfEYMwvvXxO8ZHSJb2UbGREWTUmOnMp8n7GvR5khDM.png.a1b3c8db4fbb242c15fdd68993e6f00f.png  :cap_rambo:[DZKK] CLAN FLAG VE İCON:cap_rambo:8hfEYMwvvXxO8ZHSJb2UbGREWTUmOnMp8n7GvR5khDM.png.a1b3c8db4fbb242c15fdd68993e6f00f.png



                :Smile_hiding::cap_old::etc_red_button:[DZKK] WEB ADDRESS:fish_nerv::cap_like::fish_boom:


       :cap_cool::cap_cool::cap_cool:[DZKK] CLAN APPLİCATİON FORM:cap_cool::cap_cool::cap_cool:









  • A friendly and open atmosphere. 
  • We are rebuilding our Clan Battles teams. We want to encourage improving players to join [DZKK] to evolve and develop their skills and abilities in Clan Battles. 
  • Clan Battle sessions in the highest leagues. Play against the top of EU and other regions!
  • A spot in our team that performs at the highest level of competitive World of Warships has to offer.
  • An individual and constructive improvement plan to let you perform as good as you can.
  • A fun amount of internal Scrims with a chance to earn resources from our clan's Treasury.
  • A spot within our Clan Special Test (CST) team if the needed competitive mentality is achieved.  
  • [DZKK]  🌟️[ Turkish Naval Forces ]🌟
  • Cool 1

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