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Where is the resolution of the game set in xml nowadays? NOT preferences.xml

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It used to be preferences.xml in the main map. But my preferences.xml doenst contain resolution settings only <scriptsPreferences>


According to google and some old ( 2015 ) forum of world of warships there should be something like this:

<windowedWidth> 1920 </windowedWidth>
<windowedHeight> 1018 </windowedHeight>
<fullscreenWidth> 1024 </fullscreenWidth>
<fullscreenHeight> 768 </fullscreenHeight>

somewhere in the preferences.xml but is gone in the current version of the game ( at least in my preferences.xml ), where is the resolution stored nowadays?


I ask this because of some weird bug nvidia or wows related that if i have the aspect ration on "AUTO" the pc resets itself ( game triggers a silent BSOD )

If i manually set the aspect ratio to 21:9 ( i got an ultra wide ) the fatal crash never occurs. 



Because of some weird reason since the last game update the game changed the aspect ration from 21:9 to AUTO on its own. ( which triggers a fatal crash again )

I want to know where the settiing aspect ratio is set nowadays in xml. ( or some other file )


Please dont say preferences.xml because this is my whole preferences.xml:

            <locale>    nl    </locale>
            <enableLanguageBar>    false    </enableLanguageBar>
            <crosshairIndexStatic>    1    </crosshairIndexStatic>
            <crosshairIndexDynamic>    0    </crosshairIndexDynamic>
            <premShownCommon>    false    </premShownCommon>
            <premShownWOWS>    false    </premShownWOWS>
            <event_battle_mode>    Portal_season1    </event_battle_mode>
            <operationsSelectedId>    0    </operationsSelectedId>
            <operationsDifficulty>    normal    </operationsDifficulty>
            <operationsEnterMM>    false    </operationsEnterMM>
            <curRowCountIndex>    0.0000    </curRowCountIndex>
            <uiPVEOperationsDifficulty>    normal    </uiPVEOperationsDifficulty>
                <IM>    1556.4000    </IM>
                <IM>    162.1500    </IM>
            <showAssistedDamage>    false    </showAssistedDamage>
            <showBlockedDamage>    false    </showBlockedDamage>
            <allowSpecialTypeScenarios>    false    </allowSpecialTypeScenarios>
            <showPortClock>    false    </showPortClock>
            <enableBattleChat>    true    </enableBattleChat>
            <skipVideo>    false    </skipVideo>
        <version>    10    </version>
            <base />
            <demo />
            <external />
            <active_server>    WOWS EU    </active_server>
        <peculiarities>    131071    </peculiarities>
            <ship>    4256085712    </ship>
            <port_preset>    basic    </port_preset>
            <enableEars>    false    </enableEars>
            <simultaneousReload>    false    </simultaneousReload>
            <altVisionMode>    0    </altVisionMode>
            <autoPilotMode>    1    </autoPilotMode>
            <terrainShootingMode>    0    </terrainShootingMode>
            <hedgehogMode>    true    </hedgehogMode>
            <showSmokeIndicator>    true    </showSmokeIndicator>
            <fogAlpha>    0.0000    </fogAlpha>
            <autoChangePosition>    true    </autoChangePosition>
            <wheelTransition>    true    </wheelTransition>
            <yawBarrierTorpedoes>    false    </yawBarrierTorpedoes>
            <autoTrackTarget>    true    </autoTrackTarget>
            <resistanceEffect>    true    </resistanceEffect>
            <observeYawRestore>    true    </observeYawRestore>
            <damageEffect>    true    </damageEffect>
            <planeShakeEffect>    true    </planeShakeEffect>
            <startBattleTps>    true    </startBattleTps>
            <sensX>    0.6500    </sensX>
            <sensY>    0.6500    </sensY>
            <sensZ>    0.6500    </sensZ>
            <signY>    1    </signY>
    <consoleHistory />
    <clientVersion>    0,10,2,0    </clientVersion>


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On 3/21/2021 at 8:56 PM, FrankMVenlo said:

It used to be preferences.xml in the main map.

user_preferences.xml, but game will keep write his own data, especially when You launch a game and move focus to another window. So edit this file and make it read-write only. However it would not stop game from switching radomly to ex. auto, but after restart You will have at least good

preferences file.

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