BIG HUNT   Update 0.10.2 brings a new temporary battle type called "Big Hunt"—a revamped version of the Key Battle that went live in Update 0.9.10. Demonstrate your skills as you stand against foes in an engaging competition of the future by assuming command over a ship that represents one of three corporations!   The new battle type pits 16 players against each other and AI-controlled monsters on the gigantic Polygon map. Your main objective is to exit the Polygon via the Portal located at the center of the map. Be cautious—the Portal opens up only some time after the battle starts. You start out alone, but you can gather a team directly in battle. It’s now possible to enter battle as part of a Division, but each player still starts the battle on their own. To coordinate their efforts, Division mates will need to locate each other on the map and build up their team. The Big Hunt ends when all surviving players exit through the Portal, or when the battle time expires.   A temporary resource—Battle Points—will be issued to players for destroying monsters and other players.   Specifically for the Big Hunt, we've added a new boss ship called Aurora. Defeating her won't be smooth sailing, but doing so will bring a huge amount of Battle Points to the team that sinks her. Having accrued a certain number of Battle Points, you can reinforce your ship directly in battle. Any Battle Points you earn won’t be lost or spent in battle. You can exchange them for rewards in the Armory. Successfully exiting the Polygon will double the amount of Battle Points you get.   Grab the helm of one of a total of six ships, and try your luck in the Big Hunt! Each ship has a wide variety of modules that can have a significant impact on gameplay.   The first three ships, which you are likely to already be familiar with from the Key Battle, are available immediately with all of their modules. The three new ships—X Hector, X Avenger, and X Whirlwind—and all of their modules will become available after completing chains of combat missions.    Each ship is equipped with distinct types of weapons and consumables that can have a drastic impact on gameplay. X Hector, for example, can dive underwater, where she has greater speed and maneuverability, and can also ignore enemy shells and torpedoes for a short period of time. X Avenger can be equipped with large-caliber mortars that have a big impact zone. X Whirlwind offers a wide selection of torpedo armament and is capable of regenerating HP by damaging her enemies.   More details on the Big Hunt rules, as well as the available rewards in the Armory, will come in a dedicated article on our website