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[THIEF] [EU] is looking for you!

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The clan THIEF is recruiting!
Server: EU
Timezone: CET
Why you should join:

THIEF is a rather new clan that is small but has an active core group. We seek players that want to improve with us and rise to fame and glory while having a crap ton of fun and bashing each other at the same time. We play almost every day and we encourage our members to div up and be active on discord.

We currently have British, Dutch and Swedish players and are looking to expand/diversify!




1. 18+ with an adult and relaxed mentality (We are not exactly PG friendly)
2. 48%+ solo win rate with an improving stat sheet
3. Willing to learn and play with others
4. A rather active gaming profile, we're looking for active members.
5. Discord/mic + English speaking



If you are interested in joining us please join our discord (https://discord.gg/rhBHR5Z) or contact me (Storm_Dualon).

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