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don't jump on my neck plz

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Hey gents! o7


My last few days i spend them thinking about writing or not this topic.At the begining i ve choose to stay away but after few thoughts i sayed to myself what can happen, maximum to be insulted or banned. So i m wondering if its possible that WG to add the few DDs of the Romanian navy from WWII. Was checking about this on internet and i think that will be a good stuff to get some extra dds, i don't think that will be T 10, at that time and in this area can talk about a strong armor or powerful armament.

I didn't have time to check all topics, maybe this kind of topic was already posted...or not.

I try to find more info, but its a little bit confusing, especially that there was a program to receive some CLs from Italian Navy additional to the U-bots, but can't be sure.

Wish you a good day o7


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I'm sure they could add a few - but haven't they sort of done EU or something in a generalised way to appeal to a few nations that play the game? 


Basically I'd imagine (it's not based on anything remotely knowledgeable though) that expected financial reward would drive new ships... 

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