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Secondaries fixed?

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In my fav, ship the Massa I am currently playing the game, who will get more hits at x km range, my primary guns or my secondary.


And I can tell you, it is a close race. Even though secondaries shoot every 2.5 sec and have more barrels, they only win by a small margin.


And the fact that the other side is now also firing secondaries is actually quite useless because they don't have -35% dispersion buff. So , it's nice I get the occasional 3-5 hits on the other side of my ship and I agree it looks good in the battle that that side also firers. 


HOWEVER, if I have to choose between the secondaries actually doing damage versus a nice visual I rather have that the SIDE that DOES matter gets some serious damage in LIKE BEFORE.


ps. I have seen the AMAZING new visuals on the ships, they are truly great work my compliments! Since you made the action look so good, perhaps you can do something about the kiddy, space, Warhammer, and other non warship camo's?



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