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Feedback on the Event Setup for Italian Battleships.

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This has flown a bit under the Radar thanks to all the other Stuff currently Heating up Heads ^^

But I do think it should actually be Pointed out that I rather Like the Current Iteration of Early Access Event Setup.


The Base Reward for Completing the Directives is the T7 Tech Tree Early Access Ship.

The Guaranteed amount of Tokens that can be Acquired from the Directives also Reaches up to that T7s Premium Camouflage when Exchanging them for the Packages.

Adding some of the Extra Tokens from Weekend Missions etc. Its Possible to also get the Premium Camouflage for the Tier 8


Buying a few Premium Packages together with the Tokens from the Directives Allows to get the Early Access for the T8 Tech Tree Ship.

Which means the T8 is Hidden behind a Minor Paywall.


The T9 being hidden behind an Fairly Big Lootbox Paywall which depending on Luck can be Cheap or very Expensive. Is a bit Annoying. But as its only the T9 its an Acceptable Level.



In the the Overall Setting this one gets Passing Marks from me.

This kind of Setup for Early Access Events would have my Approval to be used in the Future as well. As it gives a Nice Cut of the Spoils to Everyone.




Its a Good Compromise.

Free Players being able to Reach T7 Ship and T8 Prem Camo

Light paying Players being able to get the T8 Ship and Prem Camo, And in the Process having a Slight Chance for the T9 Ship to Drop.

Whale Players being able to get the T9 Ship and Possibly the T9 and T10 Camp IF they Throw enough Money at it AND do the Events on Top.


Thus its Striking a Good Balance of Giving Paying Players an Additional Benefit which is worth Spending some Extra Money on. But also allows Free Players to get along far enough that its worth for them to Invest the Effort even when not Planning to Pay Doubloons.

With some Free Doubloons from Ranked and other Sources. This will in fact even Allow Free Players to some Extend use Spared Reserves to maybe get a bit higher.



Its also Nice to See that the Grind is very Managable and should be Doable even for Casual Players that only Play a Little each Day. :)

I also Like that the Token Missions which are in a Sense Required are Fairly Easy. And thus can be done Quickly. While there is a few Additional Harder Missions. Which however are neither Required for the Directive to be Finished nor to get all the Tokens.

This Idea of having some Harder Missions which are Purely Optional and Provide a Purely Optional Reward. Is very Nice. Because it gives a little Extra Reward but doesnt Force us to do it to progress or to reach the Event Targets.






In terms of Critics I actually just have Minor things to Say.


For example. I do think there could have been a Premium Camo for T5 already instead of only Starting on T6.

Maybe as Part of the Daily Free Packages :)

Since the T5 is very easy to Reach. It would have made it a Nice Present for the very Casual Players as well as new Players that might be Struggling to reach the Required Tiers for Completing the Bigger Packages yet. Thus only achieving the T4 and T5 Packages.


But thats effectively more of a little extra Suggestion than a real Critic anyways. So I am not even sure that Counts as actual Critics.





Just tought this should be Pointed out. Given that over all the other Ruckus the Changes to the Early Access Event Setup have gone mostly Unnoticed it seems.

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I have to agree. got up to T6 without issues. If only the premium camos were not so freaking ugly ...

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Im not bothered with the whole early acces stuff, just release the damn ships.

So I'm doing what I always do: just get a metric [edited]ton of camos. 


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