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[DD main]Searching for a clan doing CB!

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Hello hello :)

Im looking for a clan playing CB.

I main DD, I can do BB's and CA to some extent too. 



My stats are:

56 % in DDs and climbing. I also have 60 % solo in Neustrashimy.
PR is not fantastic but the recent one is 1265 for the last 21 days and 1382 last 7.
Current ranked is 54% overall with 55% in DDs.


Ships I have at T9 is Neustrashimy, Kitakaze, Georgia, Jean Bart, Alaska, Riga.


At 10 I have Småland, Halland, Grozovoi, Kremlin, Republiqe and Petropavlovsk.


I speak english at a decent level and can communicate well. Feel free to contact me if it sounds interesting. 
If prefer a clan at a similar skill as mine (maybe storm or typhoon). A nice and friendly clan is a big plus :)

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 The BBMM clan is always on the lookout for new members to add to our wonderful group, and today it seems you are waving around for attention.

Surely then, let me tell something about us!


We're a clan from all over Europe, who are pretty active in CBs, operations, divisions,CB's,KoTs etc. We have a very active discord community for various gaming titles, where we also organise fun activities such as social nights, contests, giveaways and much more.


Our naval base is pretty extended, so many benefits there too.

We have a focus on being a nice & social clan, but our CBs team is slowly starting to become more competitive.


As for CBs, we're always cool with members who have at least 1 cruiser or DD at tier X- and then preferably the standard options of course, but you'd be familiar with that.

Join our discord https://discord.gg/CGARmFh , so you can drop by for a personal chat with one of our recruiters if you like :)


If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask!

Consider this an invitation should you wish to join, if you apply we'll sort you out.


Grtz Mr_Edge_


Beer Belly Master Mindz

BBMM stats.PNG

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Hurricane FC's setting  up new Clan seeking Members. All positive people are welcome,we don't care about stats.We'll turn you into a team  to upset the status quo. Typhoon 1 guaranteed              


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