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How to improve the upcoming German DD line.

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As you all know, German DDs is considered [edited] most of the time. While the old line is quite good in my opinion, the new line is still pretty trash for now, nothing has been improved and the torps were nerfed. Just some suggestions on how this line can be improved. 

Now first lets look at some of the good things. I am going to show u the tier 10 coz it highlights the line

Monstrous survivability:-


Good AP

Alpha Damage:  4,100
Muzzle Velocity:  960 m/s


Better than average armor (although limited to DDs, low gun caliber CLs)

19mm bow and stern, with 25mm belt and deck. 


Kind of usuable AA with Def AA


If running full stealth, not bad considering size



Limited yet useful consumables



As for other characteristics, it gets weaknesses that are to much, that the strengths don't matter.

First of all, reduce the reload to 6 seconds

Give them the old 14.4k torps, coz those are great considering the reload. 

Give them another useful consumable like emergency speed boost, or UK smoke or full speed smoke.

Change the def AA, to something like 700%+ shell explosion, 150%+ continuous dmg, with 15-20 second duration and 40 second duration and more charges.

Give the HE more fire chance.

Give all the Germans, the German 6km hydro coz it gives them something above all other lines.

Finally, give them armor that does something against cruisers, coz they are primary targets for this line. Maybe 36mm? Or 32mm?

That's my suggestion

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Imo they are missing an opportunity here just give it troll torpedoes  but make them  actualy terrefyingly fast 46-48 up to like 54 with a speedboost and stealthy like  the IJN dd's  and base the reload depending on ammo type, keep it at its current for HE but cut it in half or  3/4 for ap so if it manages to catch something broadside it just gets melted and if it fails it gets melted and just remove def aa and give it a speed boost.

high risk high reward high skill ceiling


might be a bit to mutch but i kinda want something  like this tbh


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