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[Info]: Close Combat testing results of the "Dazzle" Commander Skill

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Hi all,


[Info]: Close Combat testing results of the "Dazzle" Commander Skill


Very interesting thread - source and all credits to Reddit author: "Close Combat testing results of the "Dazzle" Commander Skill"




Description of the test scenario

  • Grozovoi is shooting 3 salvos (3.4s reload) at a time into a Z-52 who is coming out of stealth, then going into concealment again.

  • Z-52 is using Concealment System Mod. 1, a camouflage with the dispersion benefits as well as Survivability Expert and Concealment Expert on the commander.

  • Both ships are stationary at the starting location in the "ST: Armor resilience test" Training Room on the map "Ocean".

  • The Z-52 is 7.2km away and angled at roughly 45°.

  • The aiming point is always at the shown location in the screenshot https://imgur.com/53171QF

  • Grozovoi fires HE until the Z-52 is destroyed and the number of shells fired is counted.


Without "Dazzle" reference data

10 repetitions of the scenario without the "Dazzle" commander skill on Z-52 as reference point.

  • Minimum hits: 53

  • Maximum hits: 63

  • Average hits: 59.7

The variance can be explained by shells hitting saturated parts of the ship and causing less damage.
This value should not change in the 2nd test with "Dazzle" because the amount of damage needed is still the same.

  • Minimum shells fired: 72

  • Maximum shells fired: 102

  • Average shells fired: 91.2


With "Dazzle" data

10 repetitions of the scenario this time with the "Dazzle" commander skill on Z-52.

  • Minimum hits: 57

  • Maximum hits: 62

  • Average hits: 60.0

As expected the average number of hits required to destroy Z-52 did not change.
Now for the interesting part. The number of shells fired.

  • Minimum shells fired: 90

  • Maximum shells fired: 120

  • Average shells fired: 102.0

This is a significant increase of roughly 12% more shells fired before Z-52 was destroyed. Both the minimum and the maximum number were higher.
And most notably the salvos were visibly worse with Dazzle active. In fact in 3 of the 10 runs I had a salvo in which all 6 shells missed the target completely. That never happened in the runs without the skill.
The horizontal dispersion is affected by Dazzle but this is not the reason you hit less. While they are definitely further apart from each other the shells don't go wide enough to miss left or right.
However the increase in vertical dispersion makes a significant amount of the shells fall short or go over the target and that's what causes the misses.


I think the skill has it perks even in close range combat against enemy Destroyers as it will mess up their dispersion significantly.
It is especially valuable if you play a Destroyer that wants to fight others Destroyers but doesn't have the best concealment and gets outspotted often and also doesn't have access to a Repair Party Consumable.
Is it worth 4 points though? Well that's up to everyone to decide for themselves but saying that the skills worthless is just plain wrong.

Also paging u/AprilWhiteMouse in case that data is of any use for you.



Leo "Apollo11"

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