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Dear clans, I'm here with a slightly different advertisement.

I did a lot of research and didn't find an organization or a discord server that supports the cooperation of WoWs clans. We are a steadily growing community and have to work together in such a way that we become and remain a strongly cohesive one. Of course there are Discord servers like TeamKrado in German or Flambass in English, which the representatives of the respective clans can use to communicate, but these are not only not designed for this, but are also full of other people who have nothing to do with it. In addition, they are fixed on their respective languages.
The advantages for clans who send representatives to the server are as follows:

Clear communication for tournaments
Easily find training partners for test matches
Creating a list of players (such as clan hoppers or people who only insult) to warn the clan of unnecessary stress.
Supporting CW tactics for smaller clans with tips and tricks on the subject of clans.
And of course the general communication among clans, regardless of the topic.

The two main rules for joining would be:
1. To have at least 15 active players according to the "WoWs Numbers Page" (https://wows-numbers.com/)
2. And send 1-2 representatives (first and second representative) of the clan to the discord server. (Behavior is of course required, as is professional behavior)

So far, clans like YOBOY, GGWWS, and GURKA and over 12 others already have representatives in the
United Clans and we would be very happy if you would be there too!

If you are interested just write a private message to Christian | ScreenHD # 4024 with your clan tag and after I've checked everything I'll give you a link for it.


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